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Signs That You Should Dump Her

16 Jan

1. If she orders lobster on the first date – If your date orders the most expensive thing on the menu on your first date together, then you should get rid of her immediately. A woman that does this has shown you at least one of three possible problems that could come up in your relationship.

  • She is a gold-digger. When she saw you, she saw a chump that had the means to give her everything that she ever wanted. She does not like you, she likes what you can do for her. Hint: If you met her in strip club or with an escort service, she is using you. People that take their clothes off for cash are motivated by money. It is not a judgment, just an observation.
  • She is testing you to see how you react to her doing inappropriate things. This is the first test of many to prove your loyalty to her. Ironically, she will never fully trust you anyway and ultimately push you away with these kinds of behavior. This type of person thrives in chaos. She has been hurt and wants to be sure that you will stay through the hard times. And when you leave after constant prodding, in her eyes, you will be another guy that has let her down.
  • She is a princess. She has never heard the word “no”. Her parents gave her a BMW on sixteenth birthday and she threw a fit because it was not a Benz. So, her parents bought her a Benz too. You will never satisfy this woman, because she has already has the world at her feet.

2. If she is a flirt – She smiles at every guy that passes her while holding your hand. She may like you, but she also likes to keep her options open. She regularly gives her telephone number or email to strangers in front of you, and then says that you are overreacting.

  • She is immature – She has not had enough experience in relationships to know what is acceptable behavior and what is unacceptable.
  • She is insecure – She¬† needs constant attention to validate her self-worth. She flirts because she does not necessarily value herself.
  • She does not respect you.

3. She lives in another city – Long distance relationships do not work, unless the relationship was established years prior to one of the partners moving away, the distance is short enough for both people to visit frequently, the time separated will be brief, and both parties are equally committed to keeping the relationship. It is rare for all these factors to happen in the same situation, and there is always some person in the the city that your girlfriend lives that is interested in her and attentive to her every need (especially the physical ones).

4. Because nothing that you do is right – No matter how well-intentioned and well-executed your actions are, she finds a fault with you and argues non-stop about your shortcomings.

  • She may be unhappy with you because you failed to meet some unexpressed expectations or standards that she has, which means that she has poor communications skills. If the woman in a relationship communicates worse than the man, the relationship is doomed without professional help.
  • She may be comparing you to an ex-boyfriend that still loves. Regardless of how well you treat a woman that is in love with someone else, you will be second in her life to the other person.
  • She may be unhappy with herself and therefore incapable of being happy with you. People that love themselves and are happy with their place in life enjoy sharing their lives with others. In contrast to that, people that are miserable, want others to be miserable too.

5. Nothing she does is right -Everything that she does annoys you. Either she is not the right one for you and everything that she does is amplified because your heart is not in it, or you just are not happy.

6. Her mother is her best friend – A woman holding her mother in high esteem shows that she values family and is respectful of the people that she should be respectful of. A woman whose mother is her best friend is probably socially awkward and you will be in a constant fight to be the most important person in her life.

7. You are not sexually compatible – Bad sex can break up a good relationship. And conversely, good sex that happens too infrequently can break you up too.

  • No man wants a woman that has slept with the entire city of New York, but both partners need to be similarly experienced for good sex to happen. If your partner is inexperienced, then you have to weigh her enthusiasm towards trying new things and effort towards learning your wants and needs sexually.
  • If you want sex every day and your girl is ok with sex once a month, then it will become a problem.

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