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Ballin’ on a Budget

21 Feb

Men are always in an attempt to impress women, but sometimes their income does not match the woman of their desires. Well, those men need to learn how to ball on a budget. Enjoying your life is not about spending money outside of your means. It is about making the most with the money that you have. Below are some of the easiest ways to impress a lady without spending a lot of cash.


1. Club/Bar

In order to impress a woman without spending a lot of money, you have to be a good planner. And, any good plan begins with some good intelligence reports. Clubs and bars lend great options for easy dates early on in a relationship. Plus, they give you insight into who your date is without you having to shell out a lot of money to spend time with her. However, if you do not want this date to get expensive really quickly, then you have to put in the proper amount of research first. The first step is to ask the most attractive women that you know which clubs and bars they frequent. For some reason, gorgeous women love to go to places that have other beautiful women in them. No one knows why this phenomena occurs, but do not question it. Use it to your advantage. Invariably, these women will lead you to the right places. Be sure to ask them the price ranges for the bars and clubs and what night is the ladies night.


2. Parks

Parks stand as your best option for any date when you are single and broke. They cost you nothing to visit, they connect every woman with their childhood, and they give you place where you can be fun and spontaneous. Parks bring out the best in people and allow women to see you in an endearing light. They connect you with a good memory from her childhood. All of the fun things that the two of you enjoyed as a child are at your disposal. The most intelligent men use the children of their closest relatives to impress the women whom they are dating. Talk your sister into leaving your nephew with you (believe me she needs the time alone) so that your date can see how well you do with kids.


3. Ice Cream Parlor

Though the ice cream in any parlor is grossly overpriced, most ice cream parlors are cozy little shops where you can sit, talk, and enjoy a really high quality dessert. These parlors are relatively empty on weekends, especially if you frequent one of the few neighborhood spots that still exist, and you can always find a secluded spot where you can talk to the woman that you are wooing. The average cost of a good date runs about $8-$11, which is well worth the time alone with a lovely lady. Plus, ice cream is a simple guilty pleasure that the two of you can share.


4. Pool Hall

The game of billiards is an opportunity for you to show your expertise at a contest that has existed for hundreds of years, and a chance to get close to your date and possibly break the touch barrier. A date at a pool hall works for a few reasons. First, it allows you to teach your date how to shoot, assuming that you actually know more than her about the game. You can get close to your date, shift her body and hands towards the right spots, and even cozy up to her and help her guide her shots into the pockets. Touch is one of the most important and ignored human traits, and pool gives you the chance to be open and tactile with a woman. Secondly, if she actually is better than you, then you can have her teach you a few things.


5. Picnic

As a single man, picnics are your strongest ally in the fight to win over the hearts of women. Once again, this is one way to connect positive emotions from their childhood with thoughts of you. Everyone has some good memory connected to eating lunch with their parents or grandparents as a child. And most importantly, you control how much you spend on the date. A decent tasting wine can be bought for about $12-15. From there, you can make mini-sandwiches with potato chipsĀ for less than $10, and still have lunch for the rest of the week. Or, you can feign sophistication and buy foreign cheese and crackers for less than $15. Either way, she will be impressed by your efforts. Grab a picnic basket, put a nice blanket in your car, and head to the nearest field for your afternoon getaway. If the weather cooperates, a picnic on a sunny day is a perfect date for under $30.

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