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The Reasons She Won’t Text You Back

27 Mar

You had a great date, she laughed the entire time, and maybe the two of you even hooked up after dinner. But, now you can never get in touch with her. You call her, but she will not answer the phone. You can’t even get a text back from her. Did you say something at the end of the date? Was she faking enjoying herself the entire time that she was with you? What happened? She was really in to you on the date, and she said that the two of you would hang out again. Well unfortunately for you, there are a lot of things that could have gone wrong. is here to walk you through the reasons that your date has not texted you back.

she does not like you04

1. She Never Really Liked You

Women can smile in your face and exchange niceties with you without being mildly interested in you. And, even if the two of you were drunkenly making out at a bar or in the club dry humping to the Cranberries, she still may not be interested in you. You were just a decent-looking guy and a little liquid courage may have led to a few bad decisions for her. When the sun rose, she came to her senses, but now some random guy is calling her (that “rando” is you).

2. She’s Actually Busy

Believe it or not, the world does not actually revolve around you. Sure, you are handsome, funny, in perfect shape, worth a few million, and are the most interesting guy on the planet, but she may have had a few things come up in her life. Things like work, family, or any other arbitrary thing usually comes before the cool guy with whom she met, had dinner, and maybe swapped saliva. Your date may have had an important project due at her job. She may have had a tragic death in her family or sickness in a close relative. She herself may have been ill. Her cat may have had kittens. And, all of these things rank higher on her scale of personal priority list. She may have legitimately been too busy to text you back. Some women do live by their phone.

rude woman03

3. She Is Not A Good Person

Most people consider other people’s feelings before they act (or fail to act in this case), because the vast majority of human beings have common decency. However, there are some men and women who genuinely think only of themselves and do not care about anyone else’s feelings. They do not consider other people in their actions. And, though some women may not purposely be ignoring and failing to return your calls, this woman is consciously ignoring you. This is the woman that will call you after two months of complete disinterest and ask you to take them out on a date because she wants a free meal. She is self-centered, rude, and inconsiderate. She is not a good person.

4. You Have Been Friend-Zoned

For whatever reason, the woman that you are pursuing does not see you as boyfriend or even booty call material. You may have been too nice on your date and everyone gets tired of the person across from them asking if everything is okay. You may have been too opinionated or too confrontational about some of her core values. If you are vegan, then she probably hates you because nobody can stand vegans except other vegans. Hating meat and meat products is unnatural. Hell, you just might not be her type. Anyone of those things is enough for a woman to stop texting you.

5. You Text Too Much

Nothing screams desperation like a man who calls too much. Men are expected to be stoic, independent, and self-sufficient. Clinginess and being overly needy are possibly the most unattractive traits that you can show as a man. You are expected to live a full and prosperous life by the women who you are trying to impress. Every woman wants a guy who has interests outside of her life. Your life should be so spectacular that she wants to join in on your daily activities. So refrain from sending more than one or two texts every couple of days. If she does not respond by your third text, then stop pursuing her. She is not interested. Constantly sending her text messages will not change her mind or your fate with her.

third wheel02

6. She Has A Boyfriend

You caught her at the perfect time. She was pissed at her boyfriend, they broke up, and then you swooped in with plenty of liquor and smooth talk. Or maybe, she was in a long distance relationship and she was lonely when you approached her. But, now the woman with whom you spent the last couple of days and her boyfriend have reconciled which makes you the odd man out. Many women are dating multiple guys and if you can keep her attention, then she may stop calling.

7. Her Priorities Changed

She really was into you, you really did hit it off, and there were no other men in her life. You were not imagining things; you had something special together. However, all of a sudden she stopped calling and texting you. Why would she seemingly lose interest overnight? There is a simple answer to this complex question. Something in her life changed. Maybe a loved one died. She could have had a long talk with her parents or her employer about her future. Any of these things could have forced her priorities to shift, and her focus moved from you to another part of her life. She chose herself over you.

8. You Are Boring

When you call, you have nothing to say after a little small talk. Sometimes, you even say that you called because you were bored and then you hold the phone in silence. Everyone’s day is usually fine, so you do not need to ask that question. And, no one wants to listen to you breathing, creep. People, and more specifically women, have so many better options to hold their attention now. If the woman you are dating is beautiful, she has multiple guys who are more interesting than you calling with the same intentions as you. She has social media to fill her time, social activities to keep her moving, and her own personal interests keeping her occupied. Call with a purpose or do not call at all. If you do not keep her engaged and stimulated, then she will stop texting.

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