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Top Reasons Not to Be a Male Pornstar

13 Mar

Becoming a porno guy probably sounds like the best job ever to the average guy. You could potentially get paid to “service” hundreds and possibly thousands of beautiful, horny women over the course of your career. There is the recognition and fame that comes with being a mainstream performer. There is the money and the girls that follow the “actors”. Hypothetically, porn sounds like the perfect job for a man who loves sex (which is every guy). But, it is far from a good choice of vocation. Below are the best reasons for men to pass on a life in the adult entertainment industry.


1. The Money – Men in the porn industry get screwed financially (pun intended). On average, men make $50-$400 per scene, though they can get up to $1,500. However, men in the industry do not get salaries or royalties unless they are also directing or producing the film. Their average income constitutes one half to one third the amount of money that their female costars make. In a year, the average male pornstar makes about $40,000. Granted, that is a decent sum for a stripper who probably does not have a college education, but female pornstars can make up to a quarter million in a year only shooting scenes.


2. The expectations – As a paid stud, you are expected to get it up and in whatever woman they put in front of you. The woman in your scene could be a former prom queen who might have been a supermodel if she had just been given the right opportunities. Or, she could be anorexic, drug addict who is missing a few teeth. Hell, she could be a whale in a string bikini for all you know. Regardless of her appearance, you are expected to “perform”. You may be forced to be in a fetish shoot where the focus is, feet, food, or “recycled” food from either end of your sex partner. And, if you want to make your rent money, then you have to keep your soldier at attention the entire time and be able to “fire” on command too.


3. The STD’s – A study of porn actors from Los Angeles County proved that LA pornstars have a higher prevalence of sexually transmitted diseases than Nevada prostitutes. The study tested 168 pornstars and found that 28% of them were carrying STD’s ranging from gonorrhea to HIV. Only 17% of porn uses condoms while filming and according to popular pornstars like Belladonna and Rocco Siffriedi everyone who does porn professionally has herpes. You do the math.

4. The Finality of It All – Once you become a pornstar, you will never be anything else in your life. You can no longer be an investment banker, a teacher, or an architect. Though it is completely hypocritical because America consumes three times the amount of online pornography that the rest of the world does, sex workers are still not considered upstanding citizens in the U.S. Being in porn is like being a felon. Regardless of your skill set, intellect, and natural ability, no company will hire you for a regular job. The ease of access to your personal information on the internet assures that your prospective employer will find out about your seedy past. You will have to spend the rest of your days as an aging exotic dancer or in some grandpa fetish films.


5. The Surgeries – Seven inches is the absolute smallest that your member can be to enter the porn industry, so most men that enter the world of porn have to have a penis enlargement. Doctors cut open the shaft of the penis and fill it with fatty deposits from other parts of the body (usually the butt) to give it girth and cut the suspensory ligament to give it length. Either surgery can lead to irreparable scarring, death, or impotency in the worst cases. And yes, impotency is a worse fate than death. Now, your penis looks great, but can it work for hours on end once Viagra stops working for you? When you can not get it up on set and the director is starting to consider replacing you with the pizza boy, you face Caverject injections to the penis to keep it erect during scenes. This is when doctors pump chemicals into your junk to make sure it does not go limp on the job. And, it sounds just as painful in theory as it is in real life.


6. The Boredom – It is very sad, but sex will eventually become boring to you if you do it to make a living. When any activity becomes your job, it will be less satisfying. Then, you have to wonder if women are sleeping with you because they like you or because they have seen your work. You will begin to relate only to other sex workers. Sex in a relationship will become more of a chore than privilege. How depressing.

gay guys

This is the truth about your chances in porn.

7. The Truth About Your Chances – Getting into straight sex porn is like winning the lottery. In order for a guy to walk directly into mainstream porn, he has to find an extremely hot woman who is interested in getting into porn, and who will also say that she will only perform in a sex scene with him. When he finds this mythical woman, he then has to get naked, get an erection, and perform well in front of a full camera crew with lights and microphones while a director is yelling instructions at him. For every single minute that the new actor can not keep it up, the director has to pay 30 people to stand around and do nothing. And, Saturday nights and many disappointed dates has taught us that pressure is hell on erections. If the man performs well in his first scene, then he has to continue his performances for a few months to build a reputation in film circles. One slip up and any new guy could find himself out of porn forever. The chances of a guy walking into porn without paying his dues is nearly impossible. Oh, and “paying dues” is code for having butt sex with men on camera. That is right. Most men in the porn industry had to take it up the culo to get a shot at straight porn.

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