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A Lesson About Your Reputation

18 Apr

One day an 85-year-old man is taking a stroll around his hometown, which he has lived in for his whole life. As he sees the landmarks, homes, and streets from his youth, he starts reminiscing….

“I remember helping build that bridge when I was 25. I worked hard on that. We had to cut down trees to build the support structure. We dragged boulders from the mountains to help sustain the foundation. Then, we drove the pins into the bridge with sledge hammers to make sure that it did not fall apart. That bridge was built on the sweat of my back, but people won’t call you ‘the bridge builder’ if you do that here. No, no, they don’t!”

“I remember building that house over there when I was 30. I traveled out of state to cut the lumber for that house. The proper trees for that type of house do not grow here; they only grow in swamps. It took a week to get the wood back here, and months just to get the frame set perfectly. The actual building of the house took me two years. Most houses today are up in months, and they have to be torn down and rebuilt after twenty years. That house is still in pristine condition. But people won’t call you ‘the house builder’ if you do that. No, no they don’t!”

“I remember building that tavern that I still lounge at when I was 35. I have been drinking there fifty years. The stills that they use to make their own special house bourbon were built by me. The barstools and chairs were made by a specific technique that only twelve people in the world know. My grandfather taught me how to make the joints when I was a teenager. That tavern was one of my best works. But, if you do that people won’t call you ‘the tavern builder’ either. They sure won’t!”

“But, you fuck one goat…….”


Lesson: Your reputation is hard to build, but easy to sully. Be careful about what you do.

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