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Things Not to Do on the 1st Date: For Men

23 Apr

Men often display a unique predilection to behaving completely clueless when it comes to entertaining women. An attractive woman has many more options for dating than a man has, so any man who wants a date has to keep that woman engaged at all costs. But unfortunately, when men attempt to impress women, most of them make fools of themselves. These men ignore some of the most basic principles of dating.So, we at decided to walk you through the “don’t” list for the 1st date.

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1. Don’t Talk Too Much

Men often get caught up trying to impress women with a list of their professional accomplishments or regale them with stories about how interesting their life is. Well buddy, your personal accounting tales of your last quarter at work or your horror stories from the DMV are definitely not that interesting. So, save the anecdotes for your buddies. Your date is either contemplating a murder-suicide the entire time you are talking about you or planning out an intricate plan of how to ditch you in the next fifteen minutes. No one wants to hear you talk about you. Grandma always said that you have two ears and one mouth for a reason. You should do twice as much listening as you should do talking. Not surprisingly, grandma was a woman. People have an innate desire to express themselves to each other. Suppress that desire and listen to your date.


2. Do Not Talk About Your Ex

People always talk about the rare win-win situation. Well, the lose-lose situation is prevalent everywhere. And, talking about the ex is about the clearest case of a lose-lose situation that exists. On most first dates, the question of why you are single usually comes up. It is a valid question. You are an attractive guy, you have a decent job, and you do not seem crazy or clueless. Why are you single? To most guys this inquiry seems like the perfect time to go into great detail about the one that got away or to bash their last partner. If you talk too favorably about an ex-girlfriend, then you will seem like you still love her. If you speak poorly of her, then your date will think that you are douche, wonder how poorly you will talk about her when the two of you break up, and still think that you are in love with your ex. Past relationships are off-limits on the first date. When she asks you about a former lover, just tell her that you have not found the right lady yet, and that you are happy to be on a date with such a lovely woman. She will understand.


3. Do Not Get Drunk

You have had a terrible day at the office, your tire was completely deflated when you left your job, and you found out that your dog pissed on the middle pillow of your new sofa when you got home. If anybody deserves a drink, you do. However, your first date is not the place or time for you to take a load off and down a few brews. It is not Happy Hour with T-Bone and the rest of the boys from college. This is your only chance to make a good first impression on the scorching hot blonde that graciously told you yes despite you being you. Your date will judge you on your every move regardless of your intentions, so be on your best behavior. Having one cocktail and feeding her five is completely acceptable. You will learn a lot about her once the drinks have started flowing. You will find out if she is a party girl. You will find out if she likes you or tolerates you for the free meals. People think that alcohol makes you do things that you would not normally do. That is not exactly true. Alcohol allows you to do the things that you have always wanted to do, but were too afraid, reserved, or cultured to do. You will find out how she really is and how she really feels about you once the drinks start flowing.


4. Do Not Get Too Touchy

The touch barrier is always something that you should wait for her to break. Her willingness to break the touch barrier tells you how comfortable she is with you. And, her comfort level can be negatively affected by you touching her too soon. Nothing makes you seem like her creepy Uncle Roger – who can not be within 200 yards of any playground – than unwanted physical contact.


5. Do Not Lie

Most guys think that women want the Wall Street genius who plays semi-pro basketball in the summer and saves kittens from burning buildings on the weekends. They think that women want the tall, dark multilingual man who will sweep them off their feet and make sweet love to them all night long. So, a lot of men greatly exaggerate their income, their assets, and their stamina in the bedroom. Truthfully, women only need a few core values in a man. They need emotional, financial, and physical security. They need intimate connections and communication. They need to feel safe and respected. But most of all, most women want someone that they can laugh with. Your status does not matter if you can deliver the funny.

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