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Reasons You Should Wait to Have Children

17 Apr

Children are the most wonderful gift that any couple could be given. They are little bundles of joy that make their parents more responsible, happier, and better people than they would have been without them. However, no person fully understands what it means to be a parent before they become one. Having children changes your life in ways unimaginable.


1. You will have no time – Your parents tell you that your children will take all of your time from the moment that they arrive, but you cannot totally comprehend what that means to the way that you live. From the very first day that your child is born, your child will be with you or your partner which means that you will have to factor the time it takes you to get your child ready into the time that it takes you to leave your house. For an infant, that could easily mean an extra hour between changing the baby’s diapers, getting the baby clothed, and feeding it. Once they reach school age, you will have programs and games to attend. Your children do not become self-sufficient until they are teenagers. All of your free time goes to the care of your child once you become a parent.

2. You will have no money – Kids cost money. Plain and simple. Those aforementioned programs are  financed by parents. In addition to the fundraisers and drives that you will be forced to participate in, you will have to pay for the costumes, uniforms, or nice clothing that your child has to wear. In fact, children require a large amount of clothing without extra school functions. Girls grow steadily and will need a continuous flow of clothing throughout the years. Boys grow sporadically and can completely outgrow new clothing that was purchased a month ago. If your child gets sick, you have to pay for the doctor, and they will get sick. Insurance rarely covers over 80% and you have to pay the deductible too. Your finances leave your pockets once you have children.


3. You will never be alone again – Raising a child is not like having a puppy. With the latter, you can stick it in a cage when you need some alone time or put it outside. Your son or daughter will be in your home, with you, until he or she is at least 18 years old. This means that you and your significant other have to schedule babysitters to regularly spend the necessary time that it takes to maintain a relationship. Your child will be attached to one of you until they get out of the house, so any extra-curricular activities have to wait until they are sleep.


4. You are responsible for another life – Your children are your responsibility. Parents have to know where their children are at all times, especially in the infant, toddler, and prepubescent stages. Younger kids have natural curiosity and find the most dangerous objects and chemicals with ease. Older children play roughly with each other and injure themselves and others. Kids in puberty are still difficult to guide because their changing hormones make them more likely to take risk and make poor decisions. Your life will become a vicious cycle of worrying about your children. How is this affecting them? How are they affecting others? What can you do to affect anything? Children are the leading cause in adult anxiety.

5. You decide your child’s success in life – You are responsible for guiding your child’s decisions. Every word that you say and every behavior that you show them molds their actions toward a goal and thus shapes their future. You become an example of  how to live whether you choose to or not. Their actions reflect your ability or inability to teach them sound reasoning and decent morality. Suddenly, every one of your actions affect the person that is closest to you. That is a lot of pressure for anyone.


6. You are selfish – Honestly, you are too self-centered to have a child. All the attention and focus of your life shifts when you have a child. You can no longer spend quality time with your partner and your sex life will be non-existent for the first few months after their birth. Think about that for a moment. No sex. You are in the prime of your canoodling years, and the baby will force you to go thrustless for months on end. Women can not see past the baby’s needs. Men can not see past the their insecurities.

Having a child transforms your lifestyle into a shell of itself. You will be worn out, penniless, sexually frustrated, and completely engulfed in the life of your little one, and so will your partner. If you can afford to wait to have children, then wait. They are the most precious gift that you will ever receive, but once they are on the way into this world, your life will never be the same.

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