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Why Men Date Younger Women

26 Apr

The dating world is rife with pitfalls for everyone, but older women have it the hardest when trying to find a mate. Available men seem to flock towards their younger counterparts in droves. But, why? It would seem that an older woman who is more established in her career, more resolute in her own convictions, and more self-aware overall would be the better choice for any guy to date. Yet, men seem to prefer younger women when given the option to choose. is here to tell you why men choose to date younger women.


Less Emotional Baggage

Younger women generally come with fewer emotional scars than older women because they have been exposed to less heartache and pain. Having fewer boyfriends means having less opportunities to be disappointed by men. So, younger women give more freely of themselves emotionally. There are no walls protecting their feelings and no barriers to break through before a connection can be made. Older women have experienced bad breakups, cheating boyfriends, lying husbands, deadbeat fathers, and sometimes ugly divorces too. They have seen the worst of men and become jaded emotionally. These women are more reticent to let their emotions lead them, because they have been let down by men too often. But, emotional availability is necessary to any relationship. So, the person who is more open with their feelings is the better choice. Men date younger women to avoid emotional baggage.

No Expectations

Expectations often lead to disappointment, and older women want a man to sweep them off their feet. Though they have a seen a lot of the worst behaviors of men, they have also seen the best of men, even if only from a distance. Older women have friends who have married the perfect guy. They have dated men who have brought them roses on every date. They have been wined and dined. So, some of them, especially the more attractive older women (who guys have thrown money at since their teenage years), expect Prince Charming to buy them the world and cater to their wildest desires. However, unless Christie Brinkley or Halle Berry is rejoining the dating pool, older women are not nearly as attractive as they were a few years ago. And, there is an army of hot twenty year olds who are just happy for a guy to pay for a meal. There are fewer and more manageable expectations with women who haven’t been in the dating pool as long. Impressing a younger woman is just easier.

No Lists

Everybody has specific physical characteristics and personality traits that they prefer in a partner, and all women have their own individual preferences in men. Some women date tall, dark skinned men and others prefer lighter skinned, blonde guys. Some ladies prefer muscular men, some like lean, toned guys, and some want fellas with a little meat on their bones. A lot of women prefer stoic, mysterious men, and yet some desire the extroverted, people person as a partner. The list of desirable traits for all women is infinite, but for older women that list has to be specific to their desires, especially with those who have never been married. These women usually have an extensive list of things that a man must have in order to date them. The physical and personality traits are non-negotiable which is a huge part of the reason that they are still single. Only a few men could ever live up to their desires, and those men are already taken by more attractive women. Younger women have more flexibility in who they will date than an older women, because they have had less partners and theoretically have more time to find a suitable mate. They are willing to experiment with different guys to seek what they ultimately need from a relationship. The more seasoned women have been dating for a while and have refined what they want in mate to their own detriment. If she wants a man who is 6 feet tall and a guy is 5’10, then he is out. If a guy does not make $60,000 dollars and the woman wants a man who is financially stable, then he is never considered. Older women are notoriously more strict about who they will date.

No Agendas

Older women come into relationships with specific agendas for any love connection. They know where they want a relationship to go before they meet a man that peaks their interest. And as mentioned earlier, any guy that fails to meet her exact criteria is not even considered. If an older woman has children, then she is looking for a father figure and provider for her children. If she does not have children, then her biological clock is calling all the shots. She probably wants to be pregnant within a few years, so she is auditioning gentlemen for the role of father too. Older women who have never been married are searching for a husband instead of enjoying the company of an interested suitor. The courtship of an older lady comes with a lot of unforeseen attachments for men. Younger women take each relationship for exactly what it is, an opportunity to get to know another person. If she likes the guy, then she keeps dating him. If she does not like him, then she ignores him. There are fewer agendas when dating younger women as opposed to more senior ladies.

Less Options

Once you get past your twenties, and especially after you leave your thirties, there are just fewer good options for dating. All of the sweet girls from high school are married, or have been married, divorced, and are now angry at all men. The hot girls from college have gained 40 pounds, had children, and are looking for someone to support them. And, the women who have never been married but are still smoking hot are too emotionally scarred to date whether that be from dating idiots or irreparable childhood trauma. Rest assured, a beautiful 40 year old woman with a huge rack, a small waist, nice hips, no kids, and a great job, is psychotic. And, no guy with any merit wastes time pursuing a crazy person.

Younger Women Are Hotter

Blame evolution. Men are wired to be physically attracted to younger women. Twenty year old women have more indicators of health and fertility than their older counterparts. The purpose of attraction is to propagate reproduction, so naturally the women who were more physically appealing from a evolutionary standpoint would would get more dates. Younger women have perkier boobs, firmer butts, and are just tighter in all the right places. They have fewer wrinkles, firmer bodies, and dress a little more provocatively. Men are simple creatures. Men like younger women because they look and generally are more fertile.

The Sex Is Hot

People are no more deviant now than they have ever been. In every society, there has always been outliers from general societal norms, even with sex. But, we live in a time where everything is accessible through the internet, especially sex. Any obscure fetish that touches the deepest recesses of someone’s mind - no matter how strange or macabre it may be - has an internet website dedicated to promoting it. And, the younger ladies are more willing to pursue their sexual enjoyment. Acts that were performed in private, but kept secret by the older generations are discussed openly by younger females. Women under the age of thirty grew up watching oral sex, threesomes, and anal sex on the internet. Some pornstars, like Sasha Grey and James Deen, have gone mainstream. And, because the taboo has become public and relevant, the younger generation is more open to exploring sexually.

6 Responses to “Why Men Date Younger Women”

  1. Elsa Frozen September 14, 2016 at 5:21 AM #

    DISCLAIMER: I am not trying to insult all men, this is just another theory about why men like to date younger girls and is meant to be seen as a little antertaining and the ultimate preaching of the truth.

    This arcticle is guite good. I am 35 years old, but look much younger. I am still single and I continuously meet idiotic men who take one look at my body and immediately try to get me into bed. No, don’t feel sorry for me. I happen to have the perfect body, even when i always eat junkfood and do my best to ruin it.

    Ever since I was a teenager I had the wish to meet someone who would love me for me and someone who would be able to commit to me. My thoughts concerning this subject didn’t change as I got older. When men approached me in a sexual manner, i always got turned off and ran for the hills. All I ever wanted since I was a young girl was to connect with someone on all levels, but I guess I will have to come to terms with the fact that that is just a fairytale fantasy I had and that a lot of men are only interested in having sex with as much women as they can and not in something more durable.

    Younger girls also have that same dream (and a nice, young, firm and wrinklefree body which makes them more interesting to men), this makes them susceptible to the games that men play. They are easier prey than older women. They are looking for love and when they get beaten down by a bad experience they get up again and still try to attain the fairytale fantasy with every Tom, Dick and Harry they meet, which makes them more willing (to allow themselves be used) all in the name of (the quest for) love. They experiment more sexually, because they want to please the man in their life so desperately that they do sexual things and accept certain behaviours (from egocentrical males) that fill them with regret afterwards. Their learning curve is very long (YAY for men :) ). It takes them over a decade to learn their lesson and to reprioritize. But by then their most beautiful years are behind them and the men no longer run after them, because there is an endless supply of young and gullable women who are not aware of their worth and will be happy with a macdonalds meal before being screwed on the backseat of a car by “dreamy” bad boys and unemployed guys who smiled at them, and are simultaneously dating 50 others dumb girls who all think that they are that guy’s exclusive girlfriend. Guys, it is impossible to please every man, because every man is different. It is like being a temp who gets sent to a different employer every day (quel horreur). Older women aren’t so naive anymore. They learn that they should please themselves first and foremost and need to find the man who loves them for them and doesn’t require them to continuously jump through hoops and play a role which is not true to themselves.

    I used to think that men were superb hunters who looked for the most supreme and hard to get prey. Going after young girls is like going to hunt for food in a supermarket or like going fishing with a nitrate bomb and scooping up the dead fish that surfaces :) . But the young girls look better and are more manageable, so more power to you guys;). keep up the good work and damage as much young girls as possible so they become just a angry and bitter as I am in my old age.

    • AFM September 15, 2016 at 12:38 AM #

      Not sure if you really get it or if you are being patronizing, but either way, you’re right.

  2. Elsa Frozen September 15, 2016 at 5:08 AM #

    AFM, I really get it and I am most definately not trying to be patronizing. I loved the arcticle. The reality is that most men like younger women. There is no denying that.

    I am hardly one to talk, because in fact I like dating slightly younger men too. They have no bagage (kids and 12 crazy exes) and they keep their bodies attractive by hitting the gym more often then some of the older guys. Older guys are can be blasé, they don’t want to put in any effort when dating you, because well they did it for 20 years for every chick they met and are sick and tired of it (can’t blame them). But i like to be wooed and the younger guys aren’t yet sick of doing just that.

    The reasons of why men like younger women in the arcticle are all true, but maybe there is some validity to the things I said too. Why would a man put in tremendous effort for an older lady, when he can get away with so much more with a doe-eyed attractive young girl that accepts so much more (bullshit) from him and has virtually no life experience and cannot recognize the pittfalls and the games that are being played.

    It is simple economics, when confronted with the choice between little effort for a young goddess or some effort for a seasoned lady most men will choose the first. And if i was a man, i would probably do the same. People Always choose what they think is best for them. When you make that choice, there is the chance that you miss out on something wonderful and special. The upside of such a choice is that you can’t miss what you never had or never knew and therefore cannot regret the choice once it has been made. The other road shall never be traveled.

    I didn’t want to come accros as disrespectful. Everything that was said is with a wink and to give a slightly different perspective.

    • AFM September 16, 2016 at 11:26 AM #

      Everything that I said in the previous comment was supposed to be a little tongue in cheek. It’s obvious that you really do get it. We at love when women comment, and we especially love when women agree with us. It’s great that you’re preying on the innocent young guys out there. Keep up the good work.

  3. Elsa Frozen September 19, 2016 at 4:44 AM #

    Haha, i am not preying on the slightly younger guys because they are weak or meek. They still want to put in the effort and that is highly appreciated by me. The fact that they look better then older men is an added bonus :) . Us women also like it when a man is beautiful. I laugh when i see hollywood pair a stunning woman with a less than average looking man. That is what I call a modern day fairytale devised especially for men.

    • AFM September 19, 2016 at 11:55 PM #

      Ha! Do not expose that lie. It works for us guys.

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