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Why “SlutWalk” is Stupid

16 Apr

Feminists may very well be both the most intelligent and the most clueless collection of people on the planet. They are generally well-educated, delusional women with a chip the size of a boulder sitting on their shoulders (Yes, that misogynist pun about shoulder boulders was intended) The world is against them, and men specifically are the enemy. To feminists, women are victims who need to be protected from the abuse of the patriarchy, and yet they are somehow also smarter, more well-rounded, and more powerful than the men that oppress them. It makes a lot sense, right? Women should be treated as equals to men in the workplace, but they also should be allowed special treatment in the workplace in specific cases. According to feminists, men purposely ignore or intentionally take advantage of females by keeping the inherent power that comes from being a man in a system that caters to men. For them, men are hell bent on keeping women out of power. And though these women have some valid points about the plight of women, their message about men is unfounded and fantastical. Every year, there are a collection of rash, misguided attempts to normalize the female breast and to fight against sexual assault through baring female breasts in public. Their belief systems about sex and the female body regularly cause radical public displays of nudity that alienate the people whom they are attempting to persuade and simultaneously gives the debauchees and perverts whom they are protesting exactly what they want. And though there is a solid set of ideals behind these protests, the actual protests are imprudent, offensive, and ineffective.

The SlutWalk campaign champions the rights of women, and the basic premise of their events is to bring attention to women’s rights by any means necessary. They aim to stop the persistent blaming of victims of sexual assault for the crimes committed against them and to protect women – and more specifically protect sex workers - by normalizing and desexualizing the female body. However, the creators of the event made one major mistake on the most important premise of debate when planning their protests. The message that they want to bring to the masses is lost on their audience. In an attempt to empower women to reclaim the female body and humanize the female breast, the organizers of SlutWalk formed an international movement where women walk scantily clad or even topless through major cities around the world and protest against inequality. however these women are giving the misogynistic men who ogle, disrespect, and sometimes assault women more ammunition to be surly and unkempt.


“SlutWalk” is the physical manifestation of an ironic dichotomy. The problem that these women are trying to address with their protests causes the opposite intended affect on the people whom they are trying to get their message. They need to find a better way. The message of SlutWalk is simple and profound. Breasts, clothing, and even overt sexuality do not cause rape. Rapists are the only cause of rape. And though that sentiment is completely true, rapists do not commit their crimes because of the sexualization the female body. Rape is about power, and generally those who commit sexual assault were victims of assault too. The women behind the cause are well-intentioned, but the men who will actually listen to their protests generally do not commit crimes against women. The men who these protestors are attempting to reach do not respect women because they do not respect themselves, and women exposing their bodies to these men will not help their cause. SlutWalk could actually be exacerbating the problem that they are attempting to solve. This is the problem with angry, overzealous feminists attacking perceived slights against women.

Feminists are so wrapped up in yelling their message publicly that they often fail to see what is right in front of them. Their message is flawed at best, and stupid and grossly irresponsible at worst. It is idiotic to put your body on full display to protest against the people who take advantage of women who show their bodies. It is ridiculous to try to reason with criminal deviants. And, it is pointless trying to change an established culture by using only shock and awe. SlutWalk attempts to fix a problem that has been systematically entrenched in our society over the course of history by exposing themselves instead of working to expose the problem. The feminists behind the event should spend their time and resources creating legislation that helps their cause and getting people who are sensitive to their cause in office rather than showing their boobs and yelling at people who only showed up to ogle them.

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