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Finding Mr. Right

30 May

desperate woman02

Mr. Right is one of the most elusive people to catch for a single, attractive woman. There are men that could marry almost anyone and make a happy life with them, but they are usually already happily married. So, women have to find a guy that meets their needs without any deal-breaking habits. Along the way every lady will meet most of these guys. Be sure not to stay with….

Mr. Always Right - He looks confident and assertive when you first meet him. He has a good, stable job and he will take you out to nice places. But, you will have to listen him talk about himself constantly and he will never admit to doing anything wrong. He is confrontational at the least, and intolerable at worst. Arguments are always brewing with this guy, and he can not accept anything other being right all the time. He will get the last word in every dispute, he is in constant conflict with you and other, and he will ultimately fight to alienate himself from you and everyone else. Mr. Always Right is not happy until every person in the room knows that he is better than them and they are miserable.

Mr. Can’t Get Right - Mr. Can’t Get Right has a good heart, but he is a screw-up. If intentions were the only thing that people were judged on he could possibly change the world. He wants to do great things, but he is not a good planner, a good executor, or a good finisher. Mr. Can’t Get Right fails at almost everything that he tries, and unfortunately this will affect you too. He may work, but he does accrue any assets. He is charming and affectionate, but he lives at home with his mother and his car is always in the shop. Dating Mr. Can’t Get Right will be one of the most frustrating endeavors that you will ever invest in. He has the potential to be a great mate, but he lacks the maturity to ever become the type of husband, father, and provider that you want him to be.

Mr. What’s Right (And What’s Wrong) - This is Mr. Existentialist. He is most likely to say, ‘Is anything that we do really really right or wrong?’ And because he is so persuasive, he may convince you to believe his hyperbole about life and the implications of your behavior. There is only what you do and what you do not do. Their is never any fault, and therefore there is no responsibility for his actions like cheating.

mr. right now

Mr. Right Now - You know that Mr. Right Now is the wrong guy for you. He is selfish, self-involved, and self-promoting. He could not tell you your favorite color, your favorite book, or even the season that you were born in. But, he is absolutely gorgeous to you. He is tall, broad-shouldered, and chiseled with strong hands and bedroom eyes. Any woman would gladly put him on their arm for the night. He is the very ideal of what you think a man should be physically, but the antithesis of what a man should be emotionally. Mr. Right Now is only good for one thing, good sex. And, he is usually a selfish lover too.

These men complicate your life by supplying a big enough portion of your needs to keep you interested in them, but only giving a sample that is too small for you to rely on for fulfilling your needs. These men will sweep you off your feet, waste your time, and then leave you wanting more. Leave them alone.

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