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How to Pick a One Night Stand

8 May

Everybody hits on her, everybody fails.

There are many different skills that a single man needs to learn in order to be fulfilled, but none more important than being able to get steady sex from the fairer sex. Convincing everyday women to have regular intercourse with you without committing to a live-in girlfriend or paying for sex is a necessary evil. This means that there will be a few nights where recognizing which girl has “looser” morals is an invaluable skill. Most men make the mistake of chasing the one girl in the club or bar that has the least clothing on. This is a big mistake. That girl is looking for sexual attention, but she is not necessarily trying to sleep with anyone on any given night. That girl just has daddy issues. Finding the girl that is simply looking for a good time takes a keener eye and closer attention to detail. A woman’s clothes, her hair, and some of the smaller details of her appearance give insight into her intentions. These things tell whether she is out looking for a fun night of dancing or a long night of the horizontal limbo.

Men have no clue what women are thinking most of the time. They think that the display of deep cleavage means that a lady is looking for a little loving. Cleavage only portends that a woman wants attention, and sometimes it is shown only to make other women jealous or to tease guys. The dress that a woman wears as a whole tells what she is thinking. Cleavage shows that a woman wants to be seen, but the little black dress is a clear sign that a woman feels sexy and may have sex on the brain. Any tight form-fitting dress says that the woman wearing it is in a bit of a sensual mood. And, if the dress shows a little boob too, then great. Men should observe the length of the dress in order to figure out how slutty a woman feels that night. The longer the dress that she wears, the more reserved she is. The shorter the dress, the more horny she might be. Studies show that women that are ovulating wear more revealing clothes, and the closer to ovulation that a woman is the more likely she is to want to have sex. The skimpy black dress is a standard for a woman on the prowl, and a tight, short red dress is just as suggestive. Long flowing dresses appear feminine and sensual to men, but do not give hints to the woman’s intention in wearing the dress. The only way to decipher how sexy a woman feels through her clothes is to look at the length of her dress or skirt.

A ladies’ hairstyle also bares what a woman thinks and projects. Men erroneously think that a woman wearing her long hair past her shoulders is somehow sexual. Biologically long, silky hair is attractive to men because it connotes good health and virility in a female, however it has no bearing on how willing a woman is to engage in some good old-fashioned adult activity. A woman’s hair simply displays where she is in her life as an adult. There are three reasons why women wear their hair long: because they are young and have always worn their hair that way, because they are older and want to look young, or because they believe that long hair is feminine and/or beautiful. Long hair has nothing to do with sexuality. Conversely, there are only three reasons why a woman cuts her hair excluding chronic hair loss or cancer. The reasons are short hair is easier for her to maintain with her hectic business schedule or personal life, she is too lazy to care for long hair properly, or she has recently been liberated from her parents home, a suppressive job, or an oppressive relationship. If she cut her hair because she is too busy, then she may not have time for another personal relationship and may just want some physical activity. If she is too lazy to commit to maintaining a hairstyle, she may not want to commit to a boyfriend and someone has to keep her satisfied sexually. And finally, if she just got out of any of those restrictive relationships, then she is probably looking for some fun. Women with short hair-do’s are more likely to be receptive to your advances.

This short, alternative style is sign of a free-thinker.

There are several smaller signs that a woman may be receptive to a quick tryst with the right guy. Short hair signifies rebellion against a specific person, but an alternative hair style such as a faux-hawk or shaved temples symbolize eccentricity and a willingness to ignore convention. That openness to unconventionality may extend to moral convictions too. The length of a woman’s fingernails divulges a little bit about her sexuality. Short, monochromatic nails are usually attached to a slightly retentive, high-strung personality. Longer nails are present on women that are more comfortable in their own skin, and therefore they can serve as an indicator of higher sexuality in women. Women that know themselves are more likely to know their bodies and more likely to go indulge in their desires. Sex workers, including but not limited to exotic dancers almost exclusively have long, colorful fingernails. They also wear specific high heeled shoes. A lady’s shoes are similar to the length of her dress in that, the higher the heel and the more revealing her shoes are, the more likely her she is to show sexualized behavior. If she has sipping drinks in the corner staring at you, there is another clue that she may be interested in some company. The women on the dance floor want to be seen. The women by themselves want to be approached.

Men are often hypnotized by the prettiest girl in the room, and mistake her long hair and big cleavage for an indication of her promiscuity when they should be looking for other signs. Short hair, a shorter dress, and a few empty drinks are telltale signs that a lady may want to be a tramp with you. Follow her hints,  refrain from saying something stupid, and you might spend your night with a hot women.

Short hair, shorter skirt, and a lot of alcohol.

4 Responses to “How to Pick a One Night Stand”

  1. Real_Man January 22, 2014 at 5:26 AM #

    You should be put down…

    • For_Real January 3, 2016 at 1:20 PM #

      Right on. This is nonsense.

    • AFM January 13, 2016 at 11:45 AM #

      This is legitimate advice for guys who know what they want out of a random interaction with the opposite sex. Everyone does not ride to the clubs or any other meeting place for the sexes on their high horse.

    • Anto August 3, 2017 at 9:53 AM #

      Put down not, but yeah it also doesn’t make much sense to me, the idea of what distinguishes wanting sex or attention, based on clothes only, unless it’s a common language in some clubs or circles.

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