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How to Sext

27 May

People love sex, and with the constant advancements of technology, people are finding new ways to have sex and new ways to convince people to have sex with them. Sexting is where technology meets sex. The Fappening should be reason enough for people, especially celebrities, to stop taking nudes of themselves and sending them to other people, but sex drives us as human beings. Here are a few rules for sexting if you have to do it.

1. Use Words, NOT Pictures

A dirty text could be considerably more powerful than the random dick or tit pic. People are visually stimulated, however intellectual stimulation uses a person’s mind to excite them even further. The right choice of words can set your partner’s imagination on fire with desire. Something as simple as saying “I can’t wait to taste you,” peaks the curiosity of both men and women.

sexy selfie02

2. Cover Your Face

If you decide to send a nude instead of writing something sexy, then keep your face or any distinguishing birthmarks or tattoos out of the frame. You have hit the gym relentlessly, your body is smoking hot, and you want to show off all your hard work to the object of your affections. But, can you trust that person to do the right thing with the pictures if you break up? Emotions can lead people into some pretty bad decisions, and pictures on the internet last forever. If you keep out any distinct features – like your face – then nothing short of extensive FBI technological espionage could link you to your sext.

3. Keep Your Clothes On

Taking a sexy picture is not completely about nudity. You can show someone else your body without putting an incriminating photo into the Twitter-sphere. Ladies, a nice selfie in a bikini with a dirty message is just as effective as baring your breasts to guys. And honestly guys, very few women actually want a dick pic from you. Unless you are hiding a 11-inch monster in your pants and you can verify the size with a soda can, showing a woman your trouser snake will probably not lead to sex. But, a shirtless picture of you in some board shorts might get her juices flowing especially if you are in decent shape.


4. Double-Check Your Sext

Do you know what is worse than your new boyfriend/girlfriend showing his/her friends your topless or bottomless picture and/or placing it on the internet? You sending the same picture to your mom or dad is worse. Besides becoming the physical manifestation of shame and regret for parents, you will also get a long and dreadful talk about your poor and still declining life decisions. Always check who is receiving the text before you press send.

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