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Reasons to Date a Fat Girl

3 May

Every red-blooded American man wants to date a size two, 5’11″ supermodel with a huge natural rack and nice hips. But, dating this unicorn proves unrealistic for most guys. First, there are not a lot of women in the world who legitimately fit into the supermodel face with a lingerie model body category. Second, the women who have both an extremely beautiful face and a ridiculous shape generally date incredibly handsome men, incredibly wealthy men, or guys who are both good-looking and rich (Everyone hates you Tom Brady). The common dating man generally finds himself with ordinary women, and by the averages, some of these women will be more attractive than others for various reasons including but not limited to physical beauty, emotional compatibility, and sexual promiscuity. However, there is one group of women that has been largely ignored by normal American men based solely on their size, the big girls. With all the body positivity going around, now is the time to hook up with a fat girl. Big women are beautiful and have countless attributes that the average man would love. So let’s objectify some women.


1. Big Women Have Bigger Boobs

Everyone loves breasts. Gay men and straight men love them. Women love them too. We are wired to love breasts, and bigger boobs are an obvious advantage to dating larger women because big women generally have some pretty substantial boobs. Yes, 2018 is all about body positivity, but support and encouragement was created for the feminists who already hate themselves. Ignore all their ridiculous self-love propaganda. An angel cries every time a woman weighs over 200lbs. and reaches sexual maturity with a B cup, and since heaven is totally against big girls with flat chests, the phenomena is rare in real life. Breast tissue is mostly fat, and the larger a woman gets, the more likely that her breast size increases first. In fact, women generally gain weight in their hips and their bust before they add inches anywhere else on their body. That is science. More fat equals bigger cleavage, and a little extra weight can help to boost a woman’s physique. So, as a standard rule, big girls usually have bigger chests.

2. Big Girls Are Not Afraid to Eat

When you take a skinny woman out, inevitably she orders water, a side salad, and then is bitchy and irritable for the rest of the meal. She complains about her figure incessantly and harasses the waiter, not because she is a terrible person, but because she is hungry. Big women do not have this issue. If you date a fat girl, then the two of you will actually eat when you go out. Hell, she may pay for the meal too. Fat girls are not afraid to put away a few plates of food at the buffet, and they are probably decent with an apron on too. A woman who likes to eat, may learn to cook. Date a woman with a few more pounds because she may be able to prepare a decent meal for both of you, and she will not be afraid to be herself and eat when she is around you.


3. Fat Girls Are More Comfortable in Their Own Skin

Some women with a few more pounds are accustomed to smaller women getting more attention than they do, and they know themselves better because of it. Big women mature faster, and therefore are more confident in who they are as people. And, because they know themselves, they are more fun to be around. These ladies are more likely to love sports, they are more willing to try new things, and they are better company in general. A person who is confident in themselves takes the highs and lows of life in  stride. And, some big girls are also low maintenance. They do things for themselves rather than asking for you to do them. They can be very handy around the house, and they are well-equipped for dealing with your terrible attitude because they are used to dealing with selfish friends. Every big girl has a hot friend that is also a bitch. You could take that friend’s place.

big girls05

4. Big Women Are More Comfortable with Their Bodies

People think that the women who look like supermodels are the best in bed. This is a horrible lie. The women that men fawn over are invariably boring and uncreative at sex. Most men are just happy to sleep with hot women, so those women never learn to please themselves or their partners. A lot of big girls are comfortable with themselves sexually. They know what they want and they know how to please. These women have learned about their bodies and know how to get off. And, a person who knows how to please themselves probably has an idea of what other people like. Larger women are usually attentive to their partners and very animated in the bedroom. They love sex, are usually pretty good lovers, and a good number are orally fixated. Big girls know how to keep their man happy.


5. Big Girls Will Keep You Warm in the Winter

Whales swim in the freezing cold waters of the Pacific because they have blubber. Polar bears survive in the Arctic despite living on the frozen tundra because of a ever-present layer of fat. And, that crass and demeaning analogy was made to teach the lesson that fat is warm. When winter comes, you are going to need someone to keep you warm, and a beanpole with a head full of extensions is not going to do the job. Tiny girls will not keep you toasty on those long, winter nights and they will probably ask you for your jacket. But, the big girls will hold on to you through the night, and no one is more warm or cuddly than they are. Holding a large woman is like wrapping yourself around the softest, warmest pillow that you could imagine. A fun, lighthearted pillow with big boobs.


6. Big Girls Take Care of Themselves

If you pay closer attention to bigger women, you will begin to notice that a significant amount of them keep their hair and nails professionally done. These women are always made up, and they exude femininity. Big girls maintain themselves better than a lot of smaller women presumably because they have had to do more for attention. In the recent past, skinny has been the ideal for beauty so women who carried a few extra pounds have honed the finer skills of looking their best at all times. You will find that a lot of big girls maintain a fairly refined appearance.

big girl - booty

7. More Cushion for the Pushin’

Any man who has had a tiny woman grind her nonexistent butt into his pelvic bone knows that a woman needs a little meat on her bones for sex. This is not meant to bash petite women, but sex is only painful for men in two instances. One is when a woman has absolutely no knowledge or respect for a boner not being made of reinforced steel. This situation usually ends with a trip to the hospital for a broken penis (Yes, they can break). Two is the less traumatic, but nearly as painful continual slapping together of butt bone and pelvic bone. Neither of those two instances are fun for the butt slapper or the slappee. A lady with a little more butt remedies that problem.

ashley graham14

Fat girls are the new hot girls. They have taken over everything (i.e. Ashley Graham). Big girls are just as pretty as the skinny tarts but with more curves. They are better adjusted than the typical hot girl, and they are more likely to be cool and friendly than any other type of woman. We need a return to the Victorian standard of attractiveness when women with a little more weight were more desired than smaller women. Fat girls are sexy, and these are just a few of the reasons to actively date them.

9 Responses to “Reasons to Date a Fat Girl”

  1. Kat November 29, 2012 at 4:48 PM #

    Suddenly I feel a lot better about being a big girl!

  2. GoFUCKYOURSELF January 30, 2013 at 8:34 PM #

    Are you kidding me? ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? This is absurd, and offensive, I hope whoever wrote this realizes exactly how tasteless and demeaning this is.
    Fat girls, like myself, are not fucking objects.
    Go piss on an electric fence.

  3. Cassie January 30, 2013 at 10:32 PM #

    @Kat You’re fucking kidding me. This article is extremely objectifying to women in general, but especially fat women. Fuck this website for assuming bullshit like this and advertising women as though our only purpose is to please men. And Kat, you may want to educate yourself. Selling yourself short and being brainwashed on this bullshit isn’t cute.

    • AFM February 26, 2018 at 10:05 PM #

      Wait, women aren’t here solely to please men?

  4. angry January 30, 2013 at 10:48 PM #


    I’m dating a fat girl. I don’t date her because of her boobs or her eating habits. She hardly eats at all and it really worries me. She’s lovely beautiful and smart and there should not be reasons to date her DESPITE HER WEIGHT


    What the hell is wrong with just being fat? Can’t a girl be fat and pretty and sexy? Not to mention – fat girls aren’t happy ALL THE TIME. They aren’t fucking GRATEFUL that you’re dating them, so don’t treat it like they’re lucky to have you. If you’re a good bf/gf, then you feel that you’re lucky to have them, I think. I’m so lucky to have my girlfriend. I love her to death. She is very fat, and that’s totally okay, because I love every bit of her.

    But articles like this are not.

  5. ILikeFoodlol April 24, 2013 at 7:39 PM #

    I have no problem with skinny girls and these opinions stated is just somebodys thoughts I’d like to back dude up tho, he makes some good point about us big girls but we’re not objects we are actual people like everyone else. I think big girls have better intentions because thin, pretty woman are use to attention .

    Most fat girls don’t have confidence tho and when they do it’s annoying. Im 18 years old very shy & reserved never loud in public (had a friend who was large & loud) people don’t like loud big people but her confidence is too much for being so overweight.
    Everyone is beautiful unless they truly don’t show it weight is just a number. :)
    I’m a big girl and my boyfriend loves the head I give him .

  6. Daniel May 28, 2013 at 12:18 PM #


    My name is Daniel, I just asked a wonderful chubby girl to marry me. I am a little overweight, maybe 15 kilos above my BMI. I did not choose her becuase she was overweight or because I have some kind of fettish. We met each other and clicked, I wake up every day and work harder make more money and are 1000x happier than I would be without her. She knows I used to date thin model girls because I had some deluded concept that the “hotter” the girl I was with the better person I was, I think all boys and men who never grow the fuck up still have this delusion.

    Guys, girls, if you can find someone who makes you as happy as my girl makes me, then fuck whatever they look like! If they can elevate you as a person beyond the concept of this “beautiful couple” bullshit that media shoves down our throats, if every day you spend with this girl you are happier because she is in your life then be with her. Fuck what people think. I work as a photographer in the fashion industry among other interests in media. I shoot girl who are 18 and don’t have an ounce of fat on them everyday, I would WAY rather fall asleep next to my beautiful girlfriend any night of the week then these self obsessed, stupid and frankly pointless sluts.

    All my friends were amazing, I had heard them joke around all the time saying shit like “wow what a fat fucking bitch that is” and stuff about girl who look just like my girlfriend when a girl would walk into a club or down the street, but when they met her and saw what a great person this girl was making me they loved her! They think she is perfect and hot and many have said they wish they could fuck her for just one night and these people are gunuine fashon lable owning assholes who don’t say shit to make me or anyone else happy for the sake of it, and they really do think she is more attractive then some of the girls who walk on our catwalks.

    It’s funny that all the girls on this page who have commented on this about how sexist and and how offensive this is: shut the fuck up! Clearly you are not the intended Audience for this page, clearly this is a page for a guy who has just started dating or is in a commited relationship with a girl who (and trust me, she knows it more than you) would be happier with a few less pounds. They have realised that 90% of the article above, apart from assumed knowledge; (she is fat, therefor she knows how to cook) is true, and they are thanking what ever gods or fates led them to this girl who making them happier.

    I mean fuck it, who is happy with there body these days? I garretee that if you are reading this artical; if you look in the mirror right now you could say to your self “hey a few less pounds and I will be happy” and if you can’t say this you are part of a group called club fucking keno and you sir are a dick! Go hike a mountain or run a 100km and then when you finish fucking hang yourself Because you are putting rediculas pressure on everyone around you! You are
    Basically selfish dicks! This goes for you self obsessed anorexic wanna be model chicks who spend more time thinking about making yourself thin then actually addressing the problems in the community and people around you. You and all your Freakishly good looking kind is what is making the other 99% of us hate our body’s and fill us with self doubt.

    My point is, I read this artical and it made me heaps happy! I was like, yeah that’s totally true, I’m so happy I am with my girl, and then I sent it to her and she LAUGHED (yeah femminist fat bitches! You have clearly lost your sense of humour when you were burning your bras or what ever pointless shit you dumb idots do these days ) and she was heaps happy that some one has written an artical like this. So thank you what ever the fuck this site is called, by printing this anti body hating artical, you are making the world a brighter place :-)

    Any girls out there that are worried about there weight, ladies there are men out there right now who are wishing they could hold you in there arms right now, they know you are super hot, don’t listen to the bullshit hype that the media throws in your face, do a little INDEPENDANT thinking people!

    I don’t know if I have made my point clearly enough and I don’t really give a fuck but ill give you the brief summery;

    1 Fat girls (yes all of you) are hot and will make you a better person if you let them give you there basically never ending love.

    2 Psyco post femminist “I hate my body been fat so I’m going to try and write slanderous remarks in comment boxes to try and free my kind”: shut the fuck up! These dudes are trying to make you more appealing to the narrow minded, judgemental general public! Can I get an amen? Thank you

    3 thank you for writing this artical, me and my chubby lovely wife to be loved it and its great to hear that other people realise that women can be big and beautiful.


  7. Joe February 20, 2014 at 6:49 PM #

    Thick girls try harder. They are easier to get along with. I can’t stand skinny girls that have the attitude “you are SO lucky to be with me”. That gets old in 2 seconds. I mean, I have seen some heavy girls like that. Those are the super big insecure types. Just ignore them.

    20-60 lbs over ideal body weight works pretty well. Maybe more depending on height and how she carries the weight. I like pear shaped women. I don’t care if a girl carries a lot of weight in the butt, hips, or legs. But have a waist, a somewhat flattish stomach, and an upper body that is smaller in proportion to the lower body. I don’t even mind if a heavier girl is naturally small breasted. The extra weight will still bring them up to a nice size. To me, too large a breast actually gets tedious after a while.

    I can’t get into the SUPER OBESE. Find a heavier girl who is NICE, and is clearly happy to be with you, treat her right, and she will work hard to make you happy. Plus, a thick girls vagina is warmer. *I* like that a lot. Plus I also love two thick butt cheeks that I can grab hard. If you like gymnastic sex positions, a small girl might be better. But for missionary, nothing beats a nice, warm mass of soft flesh under you. ;)

    Aesthetically, yeah, a girl no more than 10-15 pounds overweight will look better. Stand out in a crowd better. But once you have had a good thick lover, you attitudes will change.

    • AFM February 20, 2014 at 8:19 PM #

      Wow. You are a real lover of big women, and it is well-appreciated.

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