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Answers from Men: Interview with a former Pimp

21 Jun

Originally posted on June 5, 2011.

Men come in many different shapes and forms from various walks of life. This interview is the first installment of a new series  that is appropriately named, Answers from Men. The views of this interview are not necessarily shared by

AFM: How did you get your start?

Pimp X: I didn’t really start it myself. I was always good with women. I dressed well and could hold a decent conversation. I was just in the right place, at the right time, talking to the right people. Understand. The life came pretty easy to me. I could always talk to the women.

AFM: So, how did you get your first girl?

PX: She came to me. A lot these young cats think that they can pull every woman that’s in the streets. To have a chance at this game, you have to know that if a bitch talks to you, ‘That’s what you call women in the life. It establishes a hierarchy between you and them,’ then, you can pull her card. But, the pimp game is just like life, the bitch chooses you first. What you do after that depends on your word game. If a woman talked to me, she was coming with me.

AFM: Since you brought up the word “bitch”, what is a bottom bitch? For all those people that don’t know.

PX: Any pimp that’s worth two red cents has a bottom. She’s the one that turns out the new girls and takes care of them for you. She’s a pimp’s right hand when it comes to the girls, his favorite.

AFM: So, you love your bottom?

PX: I didn’t say love. I don’t know if a real pimp can really love anybody. If you want to be in the life, you have to have your emotions under control. If you are too sensitive, then your stable won’t respect you. If they don’t respect you, then they are going to find a pimp that they respect. I never got too close to any of my girls and rarely had to hit them. I never lived in the same house with them like most pimps did. A strong pimp needs to keep some of that mystery. I put them on the corner, told my bottom to keep them moving, and worked the block. After they put in their day, I got my money and took them back to their apartment.

AFM:  If you beat the women, why did they stay with you?

PX: Violence is part of the life too. If you pimp long enough, at some point, a bitch is going to test you to see if she can run your operation. You better make an example out of that bitch in front of the others, so that they know that bullshit is not tolerated. It’s like a square that’s been married to the same woman for a few years. Sooner or later, she is going to test him. If he folds, that woman is going to run the house from then on. It’s a part of real life. The woman stays with you because you make it clear to her that there ain’t nobody out there that’s better than you. You treat them right, but you keep them in pocket too.

AFM: You said you treat them right? So, did they keep any of the money that they made on the streets?

PX: Hell no! I didn’t get in the game to make nobody else rich. I gave my girls an allowance to keep them looking good, but that was it. They brought me my money at the end of the night, period.

AFM: Okay, so how does pimping apply to real life outside of marriage?

PX: Ah, man, pimping is in every part of life. Either you’re a pimp, a trick, or bitch. In life, you’re either a pimp that’s working the system and making money off of all the other people, you’re somebody’s bitch, working to make money for somebody else, or you’re a trick getting taken for all he’s got. You don’t have to decide what you want to be, because somebody is ready to make the decision for you and take you for a ride. Do you want to control somebody or be controlled. I was always the type of cat that would rather decide my own fate, so I got into the life.

AFM: Hey man, thanks for your time.

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