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Where To Go For A Bachelor Party

1 Jun

Bachelor parties stand as a time honored tradition for single men who have finally decided to take the plunge and get married. The bachelor party is both a celebration of one man’s last days of freedom and a gift to the men who will help him with his wedding. It is both for the groom and his groomsmen, and it should not be taken lightly. A successful bachelor party sends the groom into a lifetime of wedded bliss, and it bonds men through alcohol, strippers, and great stories that should never be told. A poorly executed one can disintegrate friendships with alcohol, bickering, and fighting.

Men are not friendly on the level that women are amongst themselves. It is for this reason that men have lifelong friends and women have former friends. Women communicate on a higher level than men, so they are also more apt to offend one another. But, men have a few select moments when their level of transparency matches that of women. One of those times is in bachelor parties. This is one of the rare times when men are gathered in an enclosed area and drinking heavily with people that they trust. In these moments, walls are let down and the truth of friendships can come out. However, this is not the time for heart-to-heart talks even though they often do happen here. This is the time for celebration. And, to achieve the appropriate amount fun without the fights there has to be a good plan for the bachelor party. There are only two ways to throw a great bachelor party, the conventional way and the pilgrimage.

The general formula for a great bachelor party is fairly simple. Get drunk, go to a club, and then go to a strip club. This plan for bachelor parties has worked flawlessly for decades, so there is no need to alter the strategy. The success or failure of the night usually hinges on the best man’s ability to find the place where topless women dance, because it is the most important component of the average bachelor party. The alcohol may run out, the club may be boring, but every man can always expect the same result out of a gentleman’s club, beautiful women in very little clothing. The strip club serves as a fail-safe for the night. Every member of the wedding party buys at least one dance for the groom, and one or two dances for themselves, and everyone leaves happy. The strip club simplifies the plans for the night. Alcohol in bars can cause altercations between the wedding party and singles at the bar or amongst themselves (especially if someone from either faction is too inebriated), but alcohol and strippers generally equate to a good time being had by all.

However, the occasional bachelor will ask his best man to deviate from “The Plan.” In these types of cases, the best plan is to ignore convention altogether and take a sabbatical. Attempting to go to a club and drink does not separate the groom’s last night as a bachelor from any other night of his life. The bachelor party is his last hurrah. It should be exceptional. So, rent a place to stay for the weekend and plan activities for the group around the bachelor’s favorite hobbies. Outdoors men may love a good camping trip. Though it may be difficult for some of the groomsmen, the groom would remember the sentiment. A guy who loves to laze around the house may enjoy a weekend with his best friends in a cabin. Any man who is getting married has probably spent considerably less time with his buddies, so any quality time that he spends with those friends that are closest to him is necessary and the gesture would be appreciated. The idea behind the alternative bachelor party is to customize all activities around the groom’s vices. That weekend will be one of the last times when he will be indulged, and it will be the last time that his life is solely about him. Take the time to make his bachelor party as fun as it can be. Other unconventional bachelor party ideas include but are not limited to: kayaking, going to Vegas, sky-diving, fishing trips, nature hikes, rock-climbing, and even spa treatments. The more eccentric, but well-picked and well-planned the activities are, the more likely that the groom will remember his bachelor party forever.

A bachelor party is the only gift that grown men are able to give one another without breaking a man code. Choose your activities for that night carefully and thoughtfully. It is the last night that you will spend with one of closest friends as a single man.

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