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What You Learn From Living with a Woman

6 Jun


More About Yourself

If you ever want to know what is wrong with you, ask the woman with whom you share a residence. She will give you a quick synopsis of your personality, your bad habits, and few more tendencies that you may not know that you have. Women are generally more observant than men and more open about everything. They understand you on a level at which you could probably never understand them because of their attention to detail. Women have great insight into how you work and are willing to express to you what they have deduced about your behavior and character, so you should use that to your advantage. Her assessments of your qualities give you an unique opportunity to reach deeper self-actualization. Living with a woman can actually be a vehicle to learning about yourself. After all, it is all about you anyway, right?


How to Express Yourself

Cohabitation is about communication. In situations where only men preside in buildings like dorm rooms and prisons, talking is usually minimal. The same simple glance between two men could mean you should check out that hot brunette coming from the hallway in college, or you should protect your butt hole from the inmates in prison. Words are unnecessary with men. But for most women, a simple glance will not suffice as communication, therefore men must learn to express themselves if they want to survive domesticity. Women talk about everything and expect that their partner do the same. So, men have to adhere to their partners’ needs and accommodate them by sharing their feelings and more importantly by listening. Guys use up to 2,000 fewer words per day than women, so listening is a skill that will be well-received.


The Difference Between Ability to Clean and Standard of Clean

Anytime that a couple decides to live together there is usually a disparity in how well each partner needs the house to be cleaned in order to feel comfortable. Women generally are able to clean a house better than men because they are usually more detail oriented and because women are socialized by their parents to do more domestic chores in their childhood than men. So women’s ability to clean is often higher than a man’s ability. However, willingness to clean and standard of clean are two separate entities. And, gender roles affect expectations in most relationships. Though women generally clean at a higher level than men, the amount of filth at which they feel comfortable living in varies. And, if the woman in a relationship keeps the house more filthy than her partner would like it to be, then it could cause strife in their home.


Sexual Compatibility Is Not Just Good Sex

Most people think that sexual compatibility is solely about the sexual chemistry between two people, but couples who have good sex together can still suffer from problems in the bedroom. Sexual compatibility ranges from physical compatibility to emotional chemistry to frequency. And, the frequency of sex in a household can drive that household apart. If one partner demands sex daily to be content and the other partner only desires to be intimate bimonthly, then that couple will face some daunting challenges sexually. Failing to meet someone’s sexual minimum can lead to esteem issues, arguments, infidelity, and separation.


When to Concede

Relationships are about compromise. You will compromise, and your girlfriend will get her way if you want to stay in a relationship with her. This does not mean that you should be a pushover and allow her to control you, however it does mean that in order to stay in a relationship with the woman that loves you and lives with you, you will have to change quite a few behaviors that you have grown accustomed to having and let go of some possessions that you have grown to love. Your living space will be limited so that viking hat that reminds you of your swinging bachelor days will be thrown away with the poster of Pamela Anderson from Barbwire. That old couch from college will be replaced by some french furniture that you can not pronounce, and all your profane and hole-ridden t-shirts will be burned in the front yard along with your old black book. Relationships are about sacrifice, my friend. But, the biggest sacrifice that you will make will actually be for you. You will learn to sacrifice your pride for your peace of mind. In the arguments that will inevitably come when you decide to live with a woman, you will have to decide if you want to be right or if you want to be happy. The two do not always exist together. Do you want to win the argument or do you want a peaceful house?


Nothing Is Good Enough

This may seem like the ramblings of man stuck in a full blown pity party, but any married man will tell you that sometimes everything that you have done is not enough for a woman. Occasionally, your plans for the evening are not going to be extravagant enough for her, all the money that you spend on the night will not be enough to please her, and your apology for a terrible evening just will not cut it no matter how sincere it is. In those situations, you are going to have to look within, realize that you have done all that you could in the situation, and accept that it was not enough. Every woman has a day where they are disagreeable, inconsolable, or just plain bitchy. Recognize when she is having this day, try to comfort her, and attempt to understand the underlying reason for her attitude. If nothing works, then just wait for it to all blow over. Stable women move past these funks in a day or two.

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