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Hottest Sex Symbols All-Time

22 Jul

Jayne Mansfield – Jayne Mansfield was the one of the first blonde bombshells. She was the precursor to Marilyn Monroe and other hot voluptuous blondes. Jayne Mansfield set the standard for sexiness.

Raquel Welch – Raquel Welch’s status as a sex symbol spanned across at least three decades. She had the perfect hourglass figure and one of the most beautiful faces of her era.

Cindy Crawford – Cindy Crawford was the original supermodel. She was the first model to make multiple millions of dollars solely from modeling contracts. Women across America bought and wore fake moles because of the beauty mark on Crawford’s upper lip.

Tyra Banks – Tyra Banks made it acceptable for models to have curves. Before her, models were all rail thin with no curves. After her, they came in all sizes.

Madonna – Madonna brought a sexual revolution with her. She sexualized popular music, championed gay rights, and shocked Conservative America.

Sophia Loren – Sophia Loren was the original voluptuous woman. She brought dangerous Italian curves to America with a rich accent and pure sexuality. Sophia Loren oozed sex appeal.

Bettie Page – Bettie Page was quintessential to sex becoming mainstream. She posed for some of the first fetishist magazines, and was one of the first pin-up girls.

Jean Harlow – She was the original blonde bombshell. She posed nude at 17, starred as Lola for Howard Hughes, and never wore underwear.

Pam Grier – The real Foxy Brown made it acceptable for women to play the role of hero. She starred in Blaxploitation films in the seventies and became one of the first African-American sex symbols.

Marilyn Monroe – Marilyn brought sexiness, demureness, and a little sluttiness into the public conscience. She had a fairly public affair with JFK, and her rendition of “Happy Birthday” for President Kennedy was one of the most shocking acts of that era. Best quote: “Sex is a part of nature. I go along with nature.”

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