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How to Find Mr. Right

24 Jul

Ladies, Mr. Right is out there waiting on you. You need not fear the ticking of your biological clock or the bevy of younger women that are waiting to swoop in and snatch him from your clutches. There is a perfect guy who is waiting patiently to be with you. All you have to do is your part, and we will help you find Mr. Right today.

The first step to finding Mr. Right is getting off the couch or out of the bed and being available. You will not find Mr. Right sitting at the bottom of that bucket of delicious, crispy fried chicken or hiding inside your third bowl of rich, creamy Chunky Monkey ice cream. Mr. Right is out drinking with his friends, taking in fine art a museum, or attending some church function. He does not sit at home watching soap operas, imagining the lifestyles of people that are more interesting than he is. He gets out and enjoys life. Finding Mr. Right is like playing the State Lottery, “You have to be in it, to win it!” So, dust off that little black dress that shows off your legs, and leave the house.

After you have stopped your own personal pity party, removed yourself from the confines of your home, in order to find Mr. Right you have to stop looking for him. You will never catch a good man if you are looking for him. Ironic? Yes, but true. Since you have started looking for Mr. Right, you have found Mr. He Ain’t Right in the Head, Mr. Right Now (as in, he will do for right now), Mr. Turn Right Around Before I Slap You, and Mr. Oh, That’s the Right Spot (you know, the guy that you only call late at night…after you have had a few drinks…and you don’t really like him…but, he does that special little thing in bed). That has not worked out so well for you. The old cliche is true. When you stop looking for the right guy, he will find you. The perfect solution is to have a ladies night out. Call a few of your girlfriends, tell them to dress up, and plan a fun night on the town. Men love to see women enjoying themselves. Part of your attractiveness to a potential mate is your ability to have fun socially. If you regularly express joy in the mundane activities of life, then Mr. Right will be attracted to you.

Finally, for Mr. Right to come into your life, you have to be the best representation of you. There is at least one person on this planet whose personality, upbringing, and looks are perfectly suited for you and all your eccentricities. By being yourself, you insure  that the perfect match for you is not mistakenly over-looking you.

If you are artsy, and love the opera, then venture to the MET in New York City. If you love to party, visit Carnivale en Brasil or maybe its American cousin, Mardi Gras in New Orleans. More importantly though, be true to yourself,  be in a place where you would meet like-minded individuals, and Mr. Right might be there too.

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