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The Obvious Reasons Sex and the City Was Written By a Gay Guy

4 Jul

Sex and the City was one of the most popular series that HBO ever televised. Furthermore, it is one of the most financially lucrative series that has been in syndication, turning several seasons of drama into two of the highest grossing movies of the last decade. Sex and the City empowered women everywhere, specifically single women, because it is one of the few shows where the story lines are carried solely by women. But, it was quite obviously written by a gay man. Below are a few of the most glaring examples of why everyone should have known the writer of Sex and the City was gay.

1. The Protagonists Are Women

Straight, American male writers in Hollywood generally write about men who express the ideals of manhood. They either create stoic, charming characters who vanquish their enemies or flawed anti-heroes who beat the odds and succeed in the end (think anything by the Michael Bay, Scorsese, or even Spielberg, etc). Women tend to base their work around complex, story line connections and emotional ties rather than an actual hero (think Hurt Locker). Gay male directors focus their stories around the most significant person in their lives, their mothers. It is no coincidence that all of the women that Sex and the City is based on are middle-aged, successful women. That confident, sophisticated woman portends the image that the average gay man holds of his mother (at least if he loves her).


2. The Women Are Caricatures of Themselves

In Sex and the City, all the women are wildly, successful professionally, but in shambles emotionally. Miranda is a powerful attorney on the fast track to partner, but she is almost emotionally despondent. Samantha is completely open sexually, however she is challenged when it comes to intimacy. Charlotte is sexually inexperienced and sheltered socially. And, Carrie despite being a burgeoning writer is also completely indecisive and confused romantically. Each character is a stereotype of a specific kind of woman, and no particular group of people are more stereotyped or more capable of indulging stereotypes than gay men.


3. The Men Are Just Eye Candy

If you want to know what single gay men think of other men, either go to glo-stick night at your nearest gay bar or club on Friday or watch an episode of Sex and the City. You will get the same conception of a homosexual male’s idea of men. Each show is a buffet of single available men that are at the women’s disposal. Occasionally, one guy sticks around with one of the female leads for more than a few shows, but usually they are in the story line just long enough for everyone to ogle.


4. The Way Sex Scenes Are Shot

The typical way that sex scenes are shot by men incorporates plenty of boobs with the desultory butt shot (female, of course) accompanied by the camera panning to either the man or woman jumping up and down or thrusting. Women generally film sex and nudity only in awkward context to evoke realism into their film. But in Sex and the City, the sex scenes display the men like films directed by straight men depict the women. They show the men’s bodies as trophies and then pan to the pure ecstasy on faces of the female leads.


5. The Show Is About Sex

Sex and the City is a show about (wait for it…) women who have sex in the city of New York. What could be more enticing and gossip-inducing to a gay man than the sexual conquests and emotional trauma of his closest successful businesswomen friends? That is what Sex and the City provides. It gives a look into the lives of four interesting women who have plenty of sex and plenty to tell.


6.The Designers

The fashion is also a little reminder that the director has to be a gay man. The designers really “came out” for the show (see what I did there). They make cameos on Sex and the City, place their clothes throughout it, and have the actresses on the show at their shows. Count the Jimmy Choo references in the next episode that you see.


7. Big

The only male character that remained static throughout the show and the dream guy for Carrie, the main character of Sex and the City, was named after the size of his penis. The ultimate goal of the show, which was about a lady having it all, focused on her marrying the drama filled, penis of her dreams. The man behind this all had to be gay.

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