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Love, Date, or Screw for Women

29 Aug

By William Bixby

Attractive woman being courted.

Women are very complex creatures, and attempting to completely understand women is an exercise in futility. However, there are a few tangible behaviors that you can predict from most ladies when they are looking for a man. Most women dress more desirably when they are trying to attract a man. The sexy lady in her slinky, black dress with the low neckline and high heels is attempting to get some attention. But, she is also assessing you. When a woman meets you for the first time, she is interpreting what type of man you are through all the subtle intentional and unintentional cues that you give her. She is observing your clothes, your demeanor, your temperament, and a myriad of other verbal and non-verbal behaviors that give her insight into who you are as a person. Inevitably, you as a man will fall into at least one of these three categories with any woman that you meet, the love category, the date category, or the screw category. Each of the three divisions is comprised of a list of desires that every woman has prioritized according to her needs. And, every heterosexual woman wants a man to fill each of these categories. Women have decided whether you are a friend, a romantic partner, or a booty call within moments of meeting you, and how you carry yourself dictates how she will see you. So, you have to sculpt the image that women observe if you want to be successful with them. Though the woman that you pursue ultimately decides what she thinks of you, you can influence her decision by using your abilities to your advantage.

Whether they admit it or not, women need companionship, and most women connect more easily with men than they do with other women. Being a girl friend is difficult and carries varying expectations of both parties involved. Women expect other women to sympathize with them, side with them loyally in confrontations, be available at all times, and to regularly connect emotionally with them. However, being a guy friend is relatively simple in comparison. All a guy has to do to befriend a woman is listen to her and be useful occasionally. However, once a man becomes the friend of a woman, he rarely becomes anything more. When a woman begins to confide in you about other men, she has stopped considering you as a potential mate and started treating you like one of the girls. The love category is the friend-zone, and it is a death sentence to any sexual relationship. Super conservative, introverted men live in the friend-zone. If you are naturally attentive and maybe even a little docile, then you may be seen as a pushover by the opposite sex. But, your sensitivity can be used to your advantage. The kindness that you naturally display to women endears them to you more readily. Your passive personality might stop you from coercing your female friends into seeing you as more than just a friend, however women are naturally comfortable with you. So, use your amenity with the ladies to create romance rather than just friendship. One of the most important moves that you can make with a woman, especially if you are not naturally aggressive, is to kiss her if you have any chemistry with her within the first few dates. That kiss sets the tone for your relationship together. It shows your intentions with her, and allows her to see you in a romantic light as opposed to the friendly shadow that you normally cast over relationships with women. A kiss asserts that your expectation with her is romantic rather than friendly, and it shifts her original¬† impression of you into a more physical realm rather than an emotional one. Sensitive men have to distinguish themselves as sexual beings so that they are not cast as a substitute girl friend in a woman’s mind.

The date category consists of a different type of man than the sensitive man from the love category. This man shows responsibility and good earning potential immediately, but lacks some key attributes of the date and screw categories. The man who is cast in this category may lack raw sexual appeal, but they are generally handsome and friendly. They show some of the attributes of the man that falls into the love category, but fancy themselves more of a provider than a friend. Date guys may be nurturing and amiable, but their main strengths fall toward stability and responsibility. This man will be the anchor of his future family. He has a stable job with a good salary. He is punctual, polite, and well-groomed. Unlike the pushover from the friend zone, the provider is decisive and confident. He knows his worth in a relationship and usually has no trouble getting dates. And if he stays in the dating pool long enough, then most dating category men will eventually get married. However, this type of man often lands in short-lived relationships because of their priorities. A guy who is never considered as more than a candidate for dating usually values his career above family life. He is often not a woman’s first choice as a mate because his job takes precedent over his personal life. So, if you are a man who dates regularly, but you seem to lose a lot of women that interest you, then you must begin to show any future woman that you meet how important they are to you. Your tendency is to distance yourself from women with whom you could potentially build a future, because you are trying to build your own career. Put some of the hours that are dedicated to working from home to conversing with the woman that you adore. You will find that when you listen to her and give her your time, you will be more fulfilled than you could ever have imagined. Transforming a woman’s perception of you from a person that she could date to a person that she could love is as simple as giving her the amount of attention and dedication that she expects.

The screw category is self-explanatory. There are men that women want to befriend, there are men that women want to date, and there are men that women only want to screw. This category is based on raw attraction, and it is the home of the bad boys.¬† Any woman will tell you that within moments of meeting a man, she knows if there is any chance that she will be intimate with him. Well, some guys have a natural disposition that is attractive to women (and it does not hurt if they are handsome too). These men exude confidence that borders on arrogance, and are extremely comfortable around women. They have a demeanor that women are drawn to. If you as a man have ever been manipulated into having sex with a woman, and then dismissed after the deed was done then you may be a screw guy. If you have ever wondered why women only seem to call you between the hours of midnight and 2 A.M., then you are definitely a screw guy. There are obvious perks to being a man to whom women are physically attracted, but ironically, the drawback to getting lots of sex from multiple is being lonely. There is a sad irony to being a man who is surrounded by women but emotionally isolated. Just like being stuck in the friend zone, being stuck in the “fuck” zone is condemning. It may sound cliche, but the answer to negating this loneliness is by trying to connect emotionally with a woman before sleeping with her. When there is a raw attraction between people, especially in this era, people tend to sleep together before they get to know each other. Slowing down and courting a woman before the two of you are intimate allows her to have the appropriate amount of time to fall for you as a person rather than falling solely for your sex appeal. Taking a slow approach to dating is the solution to having unfulfilled, empty sexual relationships. Men who sleep with a lot of women should seek to know them before bedding them.

Most men only serve one or two of the purposes for women when they are in a relationship. But, the men that want fulfilling, happy relationships should work to be more well rounded in their interactions with women. Knowing how you are perceived by women and striving to find the attributes that you are lacking make you a better partner for the person that attracts you.

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