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How to Be a Player

9 Sep

Talking to multiple women is not as hard as you think. Being a player is not outside of your reach. Any guy can do well with the ladies with a little direction and a little more confidence. If you want to get started on the road to success with the fairer sex, here is the beginner’s guide to being a player.


1. Do not use a cell phone or email – If you do not have a cell phone, then do not under any circumstances but one. Having a mobile device makes you accessible at any moment. This accessibility is detrimental to any extra-curricular activities that you may want to participate in with other women. You have no control over what message or picture that your lover sends you or when that message is sent. A nude picture or sexy text message is difficult to explain at 2 a.m. after being discovered by your other woman. If you already have a cell phone(because most of the free world has one), then keep it turned off whenever you are on a date or in the presence of someone that you want to date. Do not email intimate disclosures to anyone with whom you are involved or do anything that leaves a trail. As the saying goes, “Say it, forget it. Write it regret it.”

2. Tell the truth – Contrary to popular belief, lying to a woman about your assets does not help you get more women. Lying to women is in fact the only way to assure that you do not attract anyone. If you still live with your parents, then a lady will figure that out on her own. If you are dating other women, tell them that too. Tell them the truth. You are actively dating because you have not found the right one yet. Once you find her, you will settle down (But you’ll never find the right one will you, you cad?).

3. Be the best you – If you try to be the smooth-talking, flashy debonair guy that all the ladies flock to, but you are naturally socially awkward, then you appear fake and ultimately will fail in attracting all the hot girls. You just have to show them the best version of you. If you are into the punk scene, get a mohawk, wear black, and be angry. If you are into hip-hop or from the hood, then get some baggy pants, buy a platinum chain, and start posturing and posing. Being yourself exudes sincerity and authenticity, which is attractive. It also allows you the self-confidence to charm the pants off a sexy, young lady that is into the same scene as you.

4. Smile – Smile throughout your conversation with any woman with whom you are interested. Smile when you introduce yourself. Smile when she smiles. Smile when she talks. You have to be warm and accommodating when getting to know a woman. By smiling, you are letting her know that you are a fun guy that does not let life get to him. This builds an initial rapport with her that sets the foundation for your future relationship.

5. Listen – Listen to what she is saying and coax her into divulging about herself to you. Do not talk about yourself too much. She will have plenty of time to learn about you. Be affable and even tease her a little. The best players at teasing women are slightly insulting without being abrasive. You get them to laugh at themselves which can endear you to them.

6. Say her name – Repeating a woman’s name appropriately, gives the two of you an atmosphere of familiarity that will serve you well. The more comfortable with you that she feels, the more likely that she will date you.

7. Be assertive – Use the language of a confident man. Instead of saying “Why don’t you give me your number. Maybe we can talk later?”, say “You seem really cool. Let’s talk again later, where can I reach you?” The differences are subtle, but significant. Using assertive language reassures the lady that you are pursuing that you are decisive.

8. Be rich – Money always helps the situation.

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