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Police Do Not Serve the Public

18 Sep


slow down

The idea that the police department actually protects and serves the general public is a myth. The police force does not serve the people even though the tax-paying public ultimately pays their salaries; the police department serves the city government. With the exception of the S.W.A.T. team, they do not solve crimes and bring criminals to justice. They harass the people that pay them with unwarranted traffic tickets for an assortment of minor violations while generating revenue for the city. The police do help citizens; they macerate and exploit them with fines while offering paltry assistance to those that need their help the most.

Most policemen are not spending their days trolling through cold cases that have been sitting on their desks for months as the television executers and government would have you believe. They are not on the streets arresting the criminal element in an effort to clean up the streets and protect citizens. The police force has no interest in catching criminals to help neighborhoods. They are busy watching law-abiding citizens in an attempt to stabilize revenue for the city. There is no money in taking drug dealers off of the corners. The money that is seized in their arrests is evidence for the drug-dealing trial. It will sit in the far corners of a sealed room until the drug dealer’s court case arrives. Once it has served its purpose in the criminal courts, it will be shipped to federal holdings, never to be used or seen again by the city. Catching local criminals is a fruitless endeavor for the city. Yes, it looks good when the occasional drug bust flashes across the television screen, but it does not support the needs of local government. Drug busts are for publicity not finances.

The city gets its money from you. Officers sit out of plain sight and near deserted stop signs to make money off of you. They wait and watch you to see if your car stops, where it stops, and for how long it stops. If you fail to meet any of their subjective requirements, then you get a ticket. Police officers sit on the side of long straightaways with radar guns constantly checking to see how fast your car is moving. If your car is moving too fast, then you get a ticket. The tickets that are issued for speeding are generally within 5-10 mph of the speed limit. This means that the difference of speed that the average recipient of a ticket is going is not significantly faster than the average driver. Therefore, speed traps are designed to make money for the city, not to regulate traffic. Speed does not cause accidents. Carelessness does. It is far more advantageous financially for your local police to prey on your driving errors than to locate a legitimate reprobate target, gather the appropriate information of his criminal activity, gain a warrant, and then arrest him. Your local police force, instead of targeting criminals, is targeting you. Why risk injury apprehending a known criminal, when they can take a little money from each of the residents in a neighborhood for committing an infraction that cannot be proven unlawful.

This type of blatant disregard for the tax-paying public is absolutely repugnant. The behavior of the police force in regards to its citizens is perverse, and it has to stop. Law enforcement is regularly antagonizing the very people that they are supposed to protect. When “justice” ignores the real law breakers in society and punishes the innocent what recourse does the innocent have?

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