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Worst Tattoos of Celebrities

21 Nov

Tattoos are permanent. But, people seem to forget that when they hit the parlor chair. People come into tattoo parlors with some strange requests, but none are more tragic then celebrity faces. Here are a few of the worst renderings of celebrity faces on fans’ bodies.

celebrity tattoo - pee wee hermancelebrity tattoo - mike tyson03celebrity tattoo -  freddie mercurycelebrity tattoo - oj simpsoncelebrity tattoo - chris farleycelebrity tattoo - boratcelebrity tattoo - george costanzacelebrity tattoo - larry davidcelebrity tattoo - betty whitecelebrity tattoo - fresh princecelebrity tattoo - breaking badcelebrity tattoo - elvis presleycelebrity tattoo - redmancelebrity tattoo -  gene wildercelebrity tattoo - redd foxxcelebrity tattoo - steve buscemicelebrity tattoo - al bundycelebrity tattoo - princecelebrity tattoo - jack blackcelebrity tattoo - seth rogencelebrity tattoo - miley cyruscelebrity tattoo - oprah winfreycelebrity tattoo - mr. beancelebrity tattoo - tupaccelebrity tattoo - winning

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