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Best Drug Dealers in Film

18 Oct

stringer bell02

Honorable Mention:

Ronald Reagan - Okay, Reagan is not a fictional character like the rest of these characters, but he was an actor, and when he opened the Panama Canal, he became one of the biggest American drug dealers in history.

50 Cent - This Curtis Jackson guy is completely fictional like the rest of the men who will be mentioned on this list. Being shot nine times does not make you a drug dealer. Being shot nine times means you pissed off the wrong guy.

 breaking bad - heisenberg02

The List:

Walter White/Heisenberg – Breaking Bad

Mr. White was a chemist turned chemistry teacher turned meth cook. This had to come from TV land. But, his character was nuanced and dynamic. This soft, loving father of two became a self-serving monster over the course of the full series. Cancer pushed him into providing for his family illegally, but Walter had been disparaged long before he started selling. A life full of disappointments, unfulfilled potential, and random coincidence led him to his unlikely start in the drug game, but he used his knowledge of chemicals to provide a superior product to his buyers, earned millions of dollars, and eventually worked his way into being a drug boss. But, his success in the drug game led him into a destructive individual quest for power and recognition.


Johnny Tapia – Bad Boys II

Tapia was the biggest drug dealer in Miami. His ecstasy ring was responsible for millions of dollars of revenue in the greater Florida area, and his interests stretched from money laundering to counterfeiting to murder. Johnny Tapia was willing to put down anyone who stood in his way including his own family. He was completely neurotic and he used everyone, including the KKK to push his products across the area.


Stringer Bell – The Wire

Stringer Bell was one of the most calculated criminals on this list. He and a childhood friend built a drug empire that entrenched itself in the heart of the Baltimore housing projects in the inner city. They strong-armed rival crews, they hid their business in the Carter City projects, and they killed anyone from those projects who claimed that they would testify against them. And while Avon Barksdale, his childhood friend was locked up on drug charges, Stringer streamlined the company and made it more profitable with less risk for himself and his lieutenants. He hoped to get out of drug dealing altogether. Stringer took economics courses at Baltimore City Community College to further his knowledge of money and how to acquire more, and he reached out to local politicians in an effort to legitimize his drug money into an entity that could stand on its own merit. Stringer was cerebral, but he was also ruthless. He had one of his subordinates killed while he was in prison, made it look like a suicide, and went to his house and comforted his mother after the death. He organized the second arrest of Avon Barksdale after they could agree to terms on how the business should be run.

drug dealer - layer cake

XXXX – Layer Cake

Though we never learned his official name, XXXX was one of the most calculated drug dealers on this list. He was intelligent and charming. His attitude was polite and effusive. Though he was a criminal, XXXX seemed like he was just a good human being caught in a unique circumstance. Viewers could picture themselves as him, a middle man in a lucrative drug-trafficking business who never wanted to get his hands dirty.


Tuco Salamanca – Breaking Bad

Anyone who has ever lived in a bad neighborhood knows a Tuco Salamanca. Tuco was completely unstable. He was so crazy that anyone, including his crew members, could fall into the path of his wrath for almost any offense. He ruled through fear, but was loyal to those above him and extremely intuitive with his business matters. He knew when to attack the competition, when to play nice with others, and when to go into hiding to avoid prison time. He would rob, beat, or kill anyone who stood in his way and he punished anyone for any perceived slight.


Gustavo Fring – Breaking Bad

Gus Fring was an affluent business man who owned a successful chain of “Los Pollos Hermanos” chicken restaurants across the nation. He was a great philanthropist who personally fought the war against drugs and supported the local police force financially and through public service. But, Gustavo Fring was the man who “hid in plain sight” as Gus.


Nino Brown – New Jack City

Ruthless describes Nino Brown perfectly. He was willing to do anything to become the biggest drug dealer in New York. He and a small group of his closest friends from his youth founded a criminal organization called the Cash Money Boys or CMB to take over drug trade in New York City. Nino Brown used intimidation, calculated murders, and a multilayered drug operation to turn profit in “The Carter” housing projects. He held the residents of the Carter paralyzed in fear through constant violence and the power of drug addiction. But, he was also treated like a celebrity because of his public charity events. Nino Brown knew how to manipulate the public, but he was as heartless as other villain that movie cinema has ever seen.


Tony Montana/Scarface – Scarface

He started from the bottom as a Cuban criminal and defector and worked his way into the top circle of the Columbian drug trade through sheer willpower and a willingness to do what no one else would do. Tony Montana was equal parts the American dream and public enemy number one. He immersed himself into criminal activities from the first opportunity he was given in the United States and showed a real affinity for it. He worked his way from being hired muscle to becoming a contract killer. He turned that into an opportunity to sell drugs and ultimately killed and double-crossed enough people to be a drug boss. Tony Montana was extremely violent and ambitious. He scraped and struggled in his native Cuba to survive which gave him the drive to excel in America.

drug - scarface.jpg

Why You Keep Meeting Crazy Women

15 Oct

crazy girl09

By William Bixby

crazy girl08

Every man has dated at least one crazy girl who led him on an emotional roller coaster ride that nearly took his sanity. And, the same is true for you. You may not know where you met her, and you can not figure out how or why you got into a relationship with her, but you dated her for three months, and she turned your life upside-down. This woman personified inconsistency and instability. She professed how much she loved you one minute, and could not stand the sight of you the next. The good days were full of wild, exciting moments and great sex because she was willing to do almost anything to have a little fun. She got you to do things that you never imagined doing too, and you realized that you loved doing them. In fact, you may have even loved her back. But, on her bad days she was as abusive as a drunk stepfather. She called you four-letter words that you did not know existed and challenged your manhood, integrity, and dignity. When you were with her, you often wondered what was wrong with her and what was wrong with you. And then, you finally realized that she was crazy and wrecking your life. You dumped her and your life immediately became less complicated. Getting out of that relationship was the best thing that you could have done. But, many men step into the same relationship with crazy women over and over again. They enter relationships with Psycho Tina, Klepto- Karen and Harriet the Stalker continuously. This article explains why men repeatedly date crazy women.

You Want to Be A Hero

Some men need to fix someone else in order for them to feel important. Call it codependency. Call it the good Samaritan complex. But, see it for what it is too. These men rescue women from all types of drama because they need to feel like “the man.” A woman’s ability to support herself usually gives some insight into her stability – or instability as the case may be – but the heroes swoop in, pay bills, and buy clothes at the first sign of trouble so they never get to see if the woman can take care of herself. The hero is more concerned with his status as savior than he is worried about actually helping the woman. But, heroes do not only exist financially. No, there are emotional heroes too. These men look for women that have been hurt and befriend them trying to prove that all men are not bad. They get these women to trust them, and begin romantic relationships with them while attempting to correct the mistakes of men before them. And then, once they have decided that the woman is incapable of having a healthy relationship, they end those relationships thus confirming the woman’s suspicions about men being untrustworthy and perpetuating the cycle. If you are a hero, then the first step to recovery understanding that women do not need saving. If a woman is constantly struggling financially, then that is because she failed budget her money. Similarly, when women are hurt over and over again by men, that means that they are consciously or unconsciously seeking out the type of men that hurt them. Their crises are not your crises.

crazy girl09

You Are A Drama King

Some men date crazy women because they are crazy themselves. Maybe their father neglected them when they needed him, maybe their mother abused them, or maybe they just grew up in an unstable environment, but some men need to be in the spotlight (usually negative). And, the quickest way to grab the attention of every soul in the room is to fight loudly and obnoxiously with your girlfriend in a confined area.These men date crazy women because that is all that they know how to do.They create drama in any place that they go and are only attracted to women who specialize in making a scene. So if you are constantly meeting crazy women, there is real possibility that you are crazy. You need to reevaluate who you are and why these women are attractive to you. Anger issues are usually the most prominent behavioral maladies in drama kings. So seek counseling or at least find a viable option for disclosing your emotions if you want to stop the madness. Find a better solution to disagreements than yelling at a crazy woman in public.

The Sex

Crazy women have crazy sex. She might give you a footjob at the dinner table or she might blow you in the car. She might bang you behind the dumpster at Wendy’s or ask her hot friend to join the two of you in the bedroom. Sex is an adventure with her every time. No place is off limits and no act is unfeasible. Butt sex is not only possible, it is probable. Men who date crazy stay in the relationship much longer than they intended to stay because of the sex. Yes, she might slash your tires or beat you with a tire iron, but she will also engage you in the hottest intercourse of your life. However, unstable women make life unbearable. When they are not screwing you, they are screwing up your life. The answer to all of life’s mysteries do not reside in a crazy woman’s vagina, so stop sleeping with her immediately. Her power sits between her legs, and once your brain receives its normal allotment of blood, you will realize how bat-shit insane she really is.

crazy sex03

This kind of sex has kept a lot of men in bad relationships.

You Are A Control Freak

People come with many different types of personalities, and men possess and display the gamut of character traits in terms of how they behave. Some men are Type A personalities and want to decide their own fate in every endeavor, and some men would honestly rather have someone else choose for them. These men unconsciously pick their partners on how often they dictate what happens in the relationship. And, there is no woman that is more crazy or more willing to dominate a romance than an anxiety-ridden, perfectionist control freak. She will take you on shopping trips and allow you to hold her purse while she plays dress-up. She will ask your opinion on several issues with no intention to follow your advice. She replaces your mother as the boss of your personal life, and you hate her for it. But, inevitably you stay with her because you have grown accustomed to being bossed around. If you keep meeting a woman who will not “let you be a man,” then maybe you are not being a man. First, you should leave the woman that you are with currently. She is accustomed to you being a pushover, and you might not have the mettle to stand up to her. Next, you need to be more assertive in your everyday musings.



10 Reasons Why Being Italian Is Great

11 Oct


1. Olive Skin – We may not all be handsome and tall, but we do not have to worry about that dark part. Italians generally have the features that all the ladies love, dark hair, tanned skin, and bedroom eyes. We were made for romance.


2. The Language – Italian is a language of love for a reason. It is soft and flowing. The letters roll off the tongue fluidly and easily, anything sounds great in our language. “I mangiare cacca verde.” That’s ‘I eat green shit,’ in Italian. It is a terrible thing to say, but it sounds lovely in the old language. You know it’s true.


3. Stay at Home – Italians love and respect family, even if we can not stand our family members. Men and women stay close to their family through their twenties regardless of where they live, and there are no stigmas attached to Italian men or women who never leave the nest. In fact, in some families, the kids are expected to stay at home until they are married. No bills and home cooking are hard to give up.


4. Home Cooking – You have to go out to get good Italian, and we stay in. Italian men and women are judged by their ability to throw together a good dish. You know those meatballs that you love from the store around the corner? My grandmother makes those every Thursday. Spaghetti, linguini, fettuccine? Forget about it. My father makes the pasta from scratch on his days off. I will not get started on my mother. Italians know how to cook.

5. The Ladies – Per capita, Italian women have the biggest breasts in the world. Bigger than American women. Bigger than Swedish women. Bigger than English women. That’s right Italian women are stacked. The average cup size of an Italian woman is a D cup. And, do not forget about that beautiful olive skin.


6. We Got An Answer to Any Question – “You want to know why? Cuz screw you, that’s why.”


7. The Mob – Every Italian in the world is connected to the mob in some way. Okay, that’s a lie, but we will tell you that we are connected. And you know what, you will believe us. You want to know why? Cuz screw you, that’s why.


8. Art – Almost every one of the most important artists in art history is Italian. We have a rich artistic history. The standouts in classic painting, sculpture, and opera are Italian. Think about Michelangelo’s David or the deep, bellowing voice of Luciano Pavarotti. Italians set the standards in art.

9. Just Visit – When you get some time and a little money saved up, visit the Italian countryside. It is one of the most historic and beautiful sights that you will ever lay your eyes on. Rustic buildings and classic architectural design litter the quaintly cobbled streets. There are gondolas, street vendors, and cozy places to dine everywhere. There is no place in the world like Italy.


10. Italians Make the Best Lovers – It is true, we Italians are a passionate people. You haven’t made love until you have made love to an Italian. You want to know why? Cuz screw you, that’s why.

Playbook for the Wing Man

9 Oct


The wing man is the most important tool to any single man that hopes to be successful in approaching and engaging hot single females. Women have multiple, different tactics to foil the single man’s plans for the night, from the outright cock-block, to the more subtle ladies night. But, there is hope. With the proper execution of these plays by experienced wing men, single guys can easily pull the hottie away from her standard crowd of man-hating friends. In lue of the NBA playoffs and the long-gone March Madness, here is the official wingman playbook.

In each play of the wingman playbook, the x’s represent you and your wingman and the o’s represent the hot girl and her hateful, vindictive unattractive friends.

Situation: The hot girl is with her “rooster” blocking friend. You have watched this friend destroy several guys’ chances of having even a small conversation with the hottie by guarding her like a pit bull. She steps in front her hot friend when guys approach. She feigns boredom when a guy actually gets a word in to the hot chick. She will even pull her away from guys trying to chat up her friend.

The plan: Your wingman must engage the hateful friend even if it means flirting. This is called “taking one for the team” in layman’s terms. He has to set a pick for you to get to the sexy girl by any means necessary. Once the ugly friend is fully immersed in meaningless conversation, you get around the two of them and work your magic. But, work fast the ugly girl always gets free quickly.

Situation: You thought that a chick looked good from far across the room. It turned out that she looked far from good when you got a little closer. Now you are stuck in a conversation with a woman that is not attractive and is very boring.

The plan: You introduce her to your wingman, have him draw her attention towards himself and make your get away. Once she has a new target, you are free to talk to whomever you want.

Situation: You have walked into a ladies night and the lady with whom you want to converse is completely surrounded by her sour-faced friends (I’m sure you know a few people that always look like they’ve been sucking on a lemon). You know that you can not walk into the middle of a ladies night without being shooed away unsuccessfully with your tail between your legs as they laugh together at your futile attempt.

The plan: You will need a few wingmen to get open this time, but this scenario is similar to the pick and roll. This situation calls for a well-coordinated attack. If any one of her possibly desperate and often disparaging girlfriends is left roaming freely, they can and will hate on your plans to flirt with the cute one. You once again have to wait for the perfect opportunity to attack, but move quickly once you see your chance, because depending on how beautiful she is, there may guys waiting for the same chance as you are and they may use the diversion made by your wingmen if you doddle.

Situation: The ladies are out on the dance floor in a tight circle. They are dancing together and no man has been able to successfully pull any one of the girls away from their friends. This is partially because they have confusingly started dancing suggestively and seductively grinding on one another. This makes all the guys that are near the group of girls get rowdy which makes them less likely to split up.

The plan: You have to break the circle. You being able to woo the hottest girl of this clique is entirely dependent on your ability to penetrate this faux-lesbian dance party. You send the least threatening, best dancer directly into the middle of the girls. If he dances well enough, one of the girls will gravitate towards him. You send the tallest, attractive friend in next because he can hypothetically dance with and talk to any one of the girls in the circle. Once your target dancer is free, you make your move. Hint: this works a lot better if you are a decent dancer.

Situation: It is 1:45  a.m. and the bar/club/whatever establishment that you are in closes at 2. You have connected on a emotional level with a sexy, woman and you know that she is into you. Her friends are slowly matriculating towards her with stale faces and their hands on their hips. You only have seconds to sell a trip to your apartment for a few more drinks or maybe coffee and hopefully breakfast.

The plan: This is a classic delay offense. Any reason that her nosy friends give her to ditch you and go home with them will sound better than whatever you have to say or do with her. They will plead, pull, and even guilt her into leaving you at the place. Your wingmen have a duty to keep her friends spread out, away from you, and occupied. Tell them to talk about the weather. Make them tell the girls how beautiful they are, despite the fact that some of them look and sound like the love child of Bea Arthur and Mr. T. Tell them to wrestle the hating girlfriends to the ground like a rabid wildebeest if they have to, but do not let them talk to your lady. If they do their job well, you just may get that breakfast with a hot lady.

Study this playbook carefully, so that you can fulfill your duties as a wingman. Because, every man has needed a good wingman at some point in his life and you might need one soon.