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Worst Tattoos of Celebrities

21 Nov

celebrity tattoo - mike tyson

Tattoos are permanent. But, people seem to forget that when they hit the parlor chair. People come into tattoo parlors with some strange requests, but none are more tragic then celebrity faces. Here are a few of the worst renderings of celebrity faces on fans’ bodies.

celebrity tattoo - pee wee hermancelebrity tattoo - mike tyson03celebrity tattoo -  freddie mercurycelebrity tattoo - oj simpsoncelebrity tattoo - chris farleycelebrity tattoo - boratcelebrity tattoo - george costanzacelebrity tattoo - larry davidcelebrity tattoo - betty whitecelebrity tattoo - fresh princecelebrity tattoo - breaking badcelebrity tattoo - elvis presleycelebrity tattoo - redmancelebrity tattoo -  gene wildercelebrity tattoo - redd foxxcelebrity tattoo - steve buscemicelebrity tattoo - al bundycelebrity tattoo - princecelebrity tattoo - jack blackcelebrity tattoo - seth rogencelebrity tattoo - miley cyruscelebrity tattoo - oprah winfreycelebrity tattoo - mr. beancelebrity tattoo - tupaccelebrity tattoo - winning

The Management of Pubes: A Woman Revealed

20 Nov


A long, long, long time ago, people were hairy. Both men and women needed that hair for warmth and protection against environmental conditions. Pubic hair, in particular, was crucial because it sheltered the very organs responsible for procreating the world’s population, as well as trapping the natural scent of one’s genitals which revealed clues about a potential partner’s fertility and overall health. Despite the invention of undergarments providing plenty of pubic protection from Mother Nature, humans continue to grow masses of hair on their privates. Our standards of beauty have evolved in such a way that makes this phenomenon rather distasteful to both men and women. Just in the last 50 years, pubic hair styles have gone from full fros to no-longer-grows. As in, a woman who continues to wax will eventually no longer grow pubes at all, due to the damaged hair follicles. Although there are some serious man-scapers out there, women do the most pubic maintenance. And how a woman maintains her lady garden says more about her than you think.


A woman who is waxed is three things: aesthetically-charged, financially-stable, and sexually active. If she can endure the pain of the hair being ripped from the most sensitive part of her body every 3 to 4 weeks, she holds bodily beauty at the top of her priority list. That does not mean she is shallow, it just means she is committed. She is also likely to be committed to manicures and yoga, but also to her work and relationships with the people in her life. She is consistent, which makes her reliable. The waxed woman either makes her own money and enough of it or she is being taken care of. It may just be her parents, but someone is footing the bill for the semi-monthly $60 bikini wax or the ultra-painful $75-a-pop Brazilian wax. A woman who consistently waxes is also consistently having sex. However, waxers have to be somewhat calculated about their sexual encounters because they have to grow their pubes to at least one-fourth of an inch before the next wax. They also want to keep it up because the more you wax, the less the hair grows back and if a woman likes it bare down there, she cannot delay her next appointment. It is also recommended to abstain from sex after a wax, until the next day. Managing this kind of regimen really reveals a woman’s true desires. She is invested in being sexy, but more importantly, feeling sexy. Unless she has chronic in-grown hairs and/or razor rash from hell, women who are not getting laid have very few reasons to keep her hedges in such excruciatingly pristine condition.


A woman who prefers a razor over the rrrrip of a wax strip, is leading a different lifestyle in terms of self-grooming, finances, and sex. Much like her waxed counterpart, the shaven lady wants to be and feel sexy. She still wants the bare-naked crotch, but not the stubble management, crotch-puckering pain, or the wax lady who gets all up in her lady bits. Her beauty routine is not low-maintenance per se, it’s just probably less sophisticated. She does her own nails, trims her own bangs and removes her own pubes because that is what she has always done and it suits her just fine. Shaving can definitely be a chore but does not require the same commitment that waxing does. Commitment is certainly not an issue of hers though. She doesn’t require regular scheduled maintenance when she isn’t getting any regular driving time. Remember, waxing is a lifestyle. Shaving is a choice for flexibility and if a woman has the luxury of choices when it comes to her bush, then she is probably a one-man woman. Unless she’s getting into a bathing suit, she can let her garden grow and when a proper suitor comes to court her, she can jump in the shower with her Bic; no appointment, no salon, no money, and no wax-lady-in-her-business, necessary. Granted, waxed girls can go grab a razor too, but they won’t because they have an appointment for a Brazilian in the morning. The preference for shaving may also have a financial component as well. That is not to say that she is on a budget, but she does not value aesthetic beauty in the same way. Her mindset about money, in terms of grooming, is if she can do it herself, she isn’t going to pay someone else to do it. She spends her money monthly on a DVR and premium movie channels or perhaps theatre tickets, scrap-booking materials, or even her designer coffee habit. There’s always a possibility she’s just broke, but you don’t have to see her pubes to figure that out.

Whether it be waxing or shaving, there is a moment in the hair removal process when a woman asks herself, “Am I going to leave any hair there?” And the answer, whichever it is, is very revealing, indeed.

Hair Still There:

The most traditional pubic hairstyles are the classic Triangle and the Landing Strip. Triangle girls are probably more classic themselves in terms of style and personality. If she sports a triangle, she’s timeless and timeless is very elegant. A woman who goes a bit narrower with a Landing Strip, is riding a more youthful line. She is not necessarily young in age, but she probably has a little edge to her. Most importantly, if after a wax or shave, a woman still has hair down there, she is making a statement and it’s all about femininity and sensuality. She didn’t get that hair until she was twelve and she didn’t stop thinking it was weird until she was sixteen. Now she feels weird without it. She knows that because she tried having no hair and it was creepily reminiscent of pre-pubescence. A woman who chooses to keeps her nether-region semi-covered, after all the careful removal around it, wants to be discovered, not exposed. She’s the type that often leaves something to the imagination and may even be a bit modest. She’s not necessarily hiding anything, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you to look.


Whether by waxing or shaving, ladies that take it all off are also making a statement and it is very much about femininity, and unequivocally about sex. When a woman keeps nothing to even cast a shadow over her genitals, she is expressing her desire to be desired. She is self-assured and wants others to know she has nothing to hide. She is probably quite daring in her sex-life, but she also really aims to please. If her partner is satisfied, then she is too. She values youth in all aspects. The look of no hair down there can be taboo for some, but for her it looks young and hot! To her, young equals hot, and hot is not hairy. As she ages she will explore new ways to look and feel young because ultimately she’s got to be hot.

Au Natural:

A woman who does no pubic maintenance at all may be one of two things: very conservative or very liberal. Although these two are polar opposites, they’re both a little old-fashioned. One makes her bed every day and the other makes her own cruelty-free, organic soap, but they’re both leaving their lady garden alone because why fix what isn’t broken.  As far as the traditionalist goes, do not judge her Victorian values. She was raised that way. She probably cringes at the words, “pubic hair”, let alone considers styling them. She has preconceived notions about girls that groom their girl parts and frankly, they’re kind of whorish. As for the more eccentric of the two, she is the epitome of nonconformist. At her first suspicion that a more hairless honeypot had become the norm, she started letting nature take its course. And if you don’t like it, then you can kick rocks.

Just so you know…

There are two popular practices going on in the pelvic-primping world that should be briefly mentioned and that is laser hair removal and vagazzling. The average laser hair removal session costs between $300 and $500. The average number of sessions required to stop growing pubic hair is between 5 and 8. A woman who makes that kind of commitment to a bare-naked crotch is an intensified version of the waxed woman. She spends that kind of money to look good, because she can. She also buys crocodile handbags and donates to the World Wildlife Foundation, to look good. As far as the vagazzling goes, be advised to turn around, and walk in the other direction. This woman has crowned her coochie. Not because she thinks that highly of herself, don’t be deluded. She did that because she is lacking some serious self-awareness. She wants attention and will go to great lengths to get it. She sucks the air out of the room and not because she’s breathtaking.

Even though folks greatly despise it, pubic hair is going strong, making itself known on our bodies despite our consistent use of protective underpants. From an evolutionary standpoint, we must consider that homo-sapiens continue to grow pubes for some purpose that we have not yet discovered. In the meantime, the way that it is managed can give us useful clues into the psyches of our fellows. Maybe for that reason alone is why Mother Nature still makes it so.

Porn Is A Deal with the Devil

18 Nov


porn star02

Everyone thinks that they are special as a child. Children are told that they are individuals and that their uniqueness will eventually make them prosperous if they plan and try hard enough. Kids think that they will rule the world because their parents tell them so, and thus, some people chase those dreams until the end of their lives looking to find fame and fortune at all costs. For women with daddy issues the quickest way to those dreams may seem to be the pornography industry. However, a career in porn is the worst decision that most of these young, naive women can make. For every adult entertainment superstar that makes millions of dollars by branding themselves properly and making all the right business decisions, there are literally hundreds of thousands of women who make one to three adult films and ruin the rest of their lives. The porn industry notoriously uses these women for huge profits and then spits them back into the harsh world that forced into the industry.

The porn industry generates in excess of $50 billion dollars per year. The money from the sex film industry is larger than the combined revenues of professional football, basketball, and baseball. However, the performers are not doing the lion’s share of the earning even though they are definitely doing all the “hard” work. In any good business, the labor force only earns 10% of the profit, and porn is no different. Female performers earn more than guys with the industry standards for actresses starting at $750 and reaching $1200 per scene according to Exclusive Adult & Mainstream Model and Talent Management (Male performers work harder, perform in more scenes, have to “get it up” and finish on command, and make the least money in the industry at $50-$450 per session). However, their yearly earning averages of $70,000 to $240,000 (depending on how popular they are, the kind of work that they take, and how often they work) do not compare with the amount of money that executives make despite the toll that a career as a sex worker takes on the performers physically and mentally.

The average female porn star starts working in films at eighteen and lasts roughly one year in the business. Most porn actresses have only the first year of their adult life to earn a quarter million dollars, and then they are out of the business for good. A select few actresses last three or more years in the industry and make millions of dollars, but their opportunity for earning at a high rate ends soon after they turn 25 and the new crop of starlets replace them. They are then forced out of porn, to live off their savings for the rest of their lives. Since upwards of 46% of people in adult entertainment regularly use drugs and alcohol or do not live the most stable lifestyles, the majority of adult entertainers have squandered most of the money that they have earned in the industry before they retire from it. They leave the sex game with exactly what they had when they entered it, nothing.

Porn starlets strip, make appearances at adult conventions, and sometimes escort just to survive. Mary Carey, a porn star who ran for Governor and received 10,000 votes retired from porn, but was forced back into it by a heroin addiction. Because of their past as sex workers, former porn actresses can not get regular 9-5 jobs. Media outlets are littered with stories of former porn stars who lose their jobs working as teachers or nurses because of their sketchy past. The industry uses these women up and then sends them into the real world uneducated, emotionally ill-equipped to enter the workforce, physically battered, and without the financial resources to live after they leave. Porn is fueled by drugs and alcohol. People have to self-medicate in order to do porn, then have to self-medicate to deal with the ramifications of a life in porn.

And, the harsh physical implications of a career in porn are just as brutal as the pending financial hardships. Female porn stars face a myriad of daunting illnesses both when they are active in the adult industry and once they leave. Female porn stars are subjected to degrading and violent scenes. They are slapped, choked, and manhandled throughout entire scenes depending on their directors, their costars, and the type of film. Some are spit upon and berated. Though it is considered acting, directors like Max Hardcore and even the more mainstream Brandon Iron have been accused and indicted of sexually assaulting their female employees in scenes. Those scenes make lasting impressions in the psyches of the actresses who participate in them, and some women never recover from the experience emotionally. Even the women who only perform in mainstream scenes face inherent dangers in their films. Active actresses in pornography are susceptible to life threatening urinary tract infections every time they perform. Their male counterparts have to possess at a least 7 inch penis just to enter the industry, and their members can reach 14-18 inches in some extreme cases. Vigorous sex, as in the norm in adult movies, and a large phallus usually means a few days of recovery for actresses. Several actresses have had their perineum ripped from rough sex, and a few have been torn from their vagina to their anus. The ensuing infections can cost them their lives. There are several stories of torn anal cavities and prolapsed rectums (a prolapsed rectum is when the rectum falls out of the anus) from anal sex. Some scenes encourage them. And then, there are the sexually transmitted diseases.

Though pornography is a very lucrative business, the circle of people who get continuous work is relatively small, so STD breakouts are fairly common. An outbreak of syphilis brought the community of Van Nuys (Van Nuys is also known as Porn Valley) to a screeching halt in 2014. One actor supplied falsified documents – porn actors and actresses have to show negative test results for disease before being able to perform – and had sex with multiple actresses, and it stopped all production for nearly a month. Severe work stoppages happen about once every two years in the porn industry, and HIV outbreaks have stopped the industry on multiple occasions. According to quite a few popular entertainers in pornography, any person that works in porn for more than a few months has herpes, and 70% of the sexually transmitted infections that occur in the porn industry happen to women. Actresses in porn leave the industry with lifelong reminders of the harsh consequences of their time in the business.

The next step is often suicide.

The emotional trauma from a career in pornography destroys the lives of the people involved. The life expectancy of porn stars over the last 20 years is 37.43 years while the life expectancy of the average American is 78.1 years. The incidence of suicide in porn stars is significantly higher than the number of suicides in the general population too. Porn stars, especially female ones, often meet tragic ends. The chart below shows how devastating a career in pornography can be for the performers.

Stage Name Real Name Cause of Death Year of Death Age
Megan Leigh Michelle Maira Schei Suicide by self-inflicted gun shot wound 1990 26
Tony Bravo Michael Pietri AIDS 1990 31
Leo Ford Leo John Hilgeford Motorcycle accident 1991 34
Keith Anthoni Thom Plaski AIDS 1991 39
Lee Ryder Darras Robert Pyron AIDS 1991 31
Artie Mitchell Artie Mitchell Murdered by brother 1991 45
Nancee Kellee Kelly Jean Van Dyke Suicide by hanging 1991 33
Heaven St. John Dorothy Lee Perrins Cancer 1992 48
Tim Kramer Douglas Murrell Cooper AIDS 1992 34
Al Parker Andrew R. Okun AIDS 1992 40
Chanel Price Teri Price Drug overdose 1992 35
Lisa de Leeuw Lisa Trego AIDS complications 1993 45
Rod Phillips Gregory Leslie Patton AIDS complications 1993 32
Scott Bond N/A1 AIDS 1993 30
Clint Lockner Charles Romanski AIDS 1993 50
Tom Farrell N/A Hit by a car while standing on the side of the road 1993 22
Stasha Rolando Angelo Leukemia 1993 24
Scott Taylor Scott Taylor Hampton AIDS 1994 40
Jeremy Scott Troy Andrew Meyers AIDS 1994 32
Glenn Steers Rick Sommers AIDS 1994 36
Joey Stefano Nicholas Anthony Iacona Drug overdose, HIV positive 1994 26
Savannah Shannon Michelle Wilsey Suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound 1994 23
Cathy Stewart N/A Unknown 1994 38
Jack Baker John Anthony Bailey Cancer 1994 47
Joe Simmons Thomas Williams AIDS 1995 30
Jon King N/A AIDS 1995 32
Pierce Daniels Russell Wallace AIDS 1995 36
Lon Flexx David Lee Anderson AIDS 1995 30
Ben Barker Rick Steven Sanford AIDS 1995 43
Jon King John Nelson Gaines AIDS complications 1995 32
Krysti Lynn Shawna Kristi Yager Went off the road while traveling at 100mph and fell into a 150 foot ravine 1995 24
Alex Jordan Karen Elizabeth Mereness Suicide by hanging 1995 27
Cal Jammer Randy Layne Potes Suicide by self-inflicted gun shot wound 1995 34
Rene Bond Rene Ruth Bond Liver problems 1996 45
Richard Locke Richard Holt Locke AIDS 1996 55
Christian Fox Christopher John McLaughlin Suicide by drug overdose 1996 22
Steve Fox Rommel Eugene Hunt Suicide by self-inflicted gunshot wound 1997 31
Matt Gunther Steven Matthew Laing Heart attack 1997 33
Lee Baldwin John Francis Mallette Heart attack 1998 36
J. D. Ram David Perry Heroin overdose 1998 28
Wendy O’Williams Wendy Orlean Williams Suicide by self-inflicted gun shot wound 1998 48
Trinity Loren Joyce Evelyn McPherson Drug overdose 1998 34
Kim Kitaine N/A Drowned 1999 29
Sparky O’Toole Donald Keith
AIDS 1999 31
Joe D’Amato Aristide Massaccesi Heart failure 1999 62
David Morris N/A Drugs 1999 47
Ole Soltoft N/A Undisclosed 1999 58
Lolo Ferrari Eve Valois Prescription drugs 2000 37
Jon Vincent Jeffrey James Vickers Heroin overdose 2000 37
Kyle Mckenna Russell Charles McCoy Suicide by drug overdose 2000 31
Bruce Seven N/A Complications from stroke and emphysema 2000 53
Leslie Glass Leslie Fisher Cancer 2000 36
Ted Roter Peter Balakoff Undisclosed 2000 70
Teri Diver Teri Diver Prescription drugs 2001 29
Brett Ford N/A AIDS 2001 31
Lynx Dyan N/A Cancer 2001 25
Amber Sexxxum N/A Undisclosed 2002 31
Shaun Michelle N/A Undisclosed 2002 49
Elisa Bridges Elisa Rebeca Bridges Heroin and Meth overdose 2002 28
Mike Henson Kenneth Seymour HIV+ and overdosed on Heroin 2002 38
Sophie Roche N/A Suicide 2002 23
Naughtia Childs Megan Serbian Jumped off a balcony while high on drugs 2002 29
Linda Lovelace Linda Boreman Car accident 2002 53
Devon Renfro N/A Brain aneurysm 2002 21
Bobby Astyr N/A Lung cancer 2002 64
Jay Anthony Jay Anthony Suicide 2003 27
Karen Dior Geoffrey Gann Cirrhosis of the liver and AIDS 2004 37
Rebecca Steele Jeanette Dee Rogers Drug overdose while suffering from AIDS 2004 42
Johnny Rahm Barry Rogers Suicide by hanging 2004 39
Lea De Mae Andrea Absolonova Brain cancer 2004 27
Taylor Summers Natel King Murdered after shooting an adult scene 2004 23
Russ Meyer N/A Pneumonia/Alzheimer’s Disease 2004 82
Chloe Jones Melinda Dee Jones Liver failure due to alcohol and drug abuse 2005 29
Eva Lux Leticia Lynn Blake Heroin overdose 2005 32
Juliette Jett N/A Heroin overdose 2005 28
Camilla De Castro Alessandro Caetano Kothenborger Jumped, fell or pushed from her 8th floor apartment 2005 26
Karen Lancaume Karine Bach Suicide by drug overdose 2005 32
Brittney Madison Stacey Pfeiffer Car accident 2005 21
Tim Barnett Bradford Thomas Wagner Suicide by hanging while in jail on rape charges 2005 37
Jasmine Grey Michelle Grayshaw Car accident 2005 21
Lance Heywood Rex Hickok Suicide by jumping off a building 2005 40
Julie Robbins Brandy Koonts From over 95% of her body being burned during a car accident 2005 26
Patrice Cabanel N/A Heart failure 2005 48
Candy Barr Juanita Dale Slusher Pneumonia 2005 70
Barry Knight N/A Heart attack 2005 59
Devon Barry N/A Undisclosed illness 2005 28
Ursula Cavalcanti Patrizia Grazzini Cancer 2005 39
Michael Lennox N/A Undisclosed 2005 37
Yumika Hayashi N/A Became drunk and choked to death on her vomit while asleep 2005 35
Angela Devi Angela Shunali Dhingra Suicide by asphyxiation 2006 30
Anna Malle Anna Hotop Car accident 2006 38
Kirby Scott Joseph Myska Drug overdose 2006 44
Jon Dough Chester Anuszak Suicide by hanging 2006 43
Andy Dill Timothy Leon Chanaud Meningitis 2006 43
Clarissa Doll Clarissa Dana Biere Suicide 2006 26
Kristian Brooks Jason Kanarr AIDS 2006 35
Johnny Rey N/A AIDS and testicular cancer 2006 42
Austin Black N/A Liver cancer 2006 38
Candice Rialson N/A Liver failure 2006 54
Michael Morrison Milton Owen Ingley Natural causes after going blind 2006 60
Rocky N/A Cancer and AIDS 2006 26
Kitty Fox Alice Janette Hergett Complications from stroke 2006 64
Sheridan N/A Car accident 2006 20
Lori Michaels N/A Heart defect 2007 38
Joe Romero N/A Complications from HIV 2007 40
Haley Paige Maryam Irene Haley Possible murder, small amount of drugs found upon autopsy 2007 25
Kent North Ben Grey Drug overdose, possibly a suicide 2007 35
Lynden Thomas N/A Asthma attack 2007 25
Danny Dukes Daniel Salas, Jr. Heroin overdose 2007 33
Brett Mycles Robert Christopher Sager Heart attack induced by use of steroids 2007 29
Cody Foster Shawn L. Sumner AIDS complications and liver cancer 2007 36
Chico Wang Inkyo Volt Hwang Suicide by drug overdose 2007 38
Zoey Zane Emily Irene Sander Murdered 2007 18
Vanessa Freeman N/A Murdered by prostitution client 2007 30
Haus Weston Haus Weston Heart attack 2007 29
Danny Roddick Matthew Freitas Apparent drug overdose 2007 31
Anna Alexandre N/A Car accident 2007 27
Tiffani DiGivanni N/A Suicide 2007 21
Anastasia Blue Elena Behm Undisclosed 2008 28
Lolly Pop Mary Besesti Federica Heart attack 2008 37
Cole Ryder N/A Cause of death unknown, originally reported as a staph infection 2008 36
Missy Maria Christina Overdose of prescription drugs 2008 41
Jean-Daniel Cadinot N/A Heart attack 2008 64
Sasha Gabor Samuel Guttman Heart failure 2008 63
Buck Adams Charles S. Allen Heart failure 2008 52
Henri Pachard Ron Sullivan Cancer 2008 69
Marilyn Chambers Marilyn Ann Taylor Natural Causes 2009 56
Jack Wrangler John Stillman Lung disease 2009 62
Steve Pierce N/A Undisclosed 2009 44

The world of pornography is completely ruinous to the lives of female performers. Though there is an initial boost in income and recognition for new starlets in the industry, the physical and mental abuse, the drugs, and the STI’s, cause a quick deterioration of the quality of their lives. And, at the very moment that most actresses hit the peak of their earning potential in porn (usually around the first year mark), they are forced out of the business by producers looking for the next big thing. The women who enter porn looking for a lifelong career are misguided and naive. Unfortunately, they choose to isolate themselves from “moral” society, and thus decimate any chances of earning money in a 9-5 job and surviving in the future. Women considering entering the pornography industry should look for a different occupation, unless they want a shorter, destructive path to failure.

Police Do Not Serve the Public

18 Sep

bad cop


slow down

The idea that the police department actually protects and serves the general public is a myth. The police force does not serve the people even though the tax-paying public ultimately pays their salaries; the police department serves the city government. With the exception of the S.W.A.T. team, they do not solve crimes and bring criminals to justice. They harass the people that pay them with unwarranted traffic tickets for an assortment of minor violations while generating revenue for the city. The police do help citizens; they macerate and exploit them with fines while offering paltry assistance to those that need their help the most.

Most policemen are not spending their days trolling through cold cases that have been sitting on their desks for months as the television executers and government would have you believe. They are not on the streets arresting the criminal element in an effort to clean up the streets and protect citizens. The police force has no interest in catching criminals to help neighborhoods. They are busy watching law-abiding citizens in an attempt to stabilize revenue for the city. There is no money in taking drug dealers off of the corners. The money that is seized in their arrests is evidence for the drug-dealing trial. It will sit in the far corners of a sealed room until the drug dealer’s court case arrives. Once it has served its purpose in the criminal courts, it will be shipped to federal holdings, never to be used or seen again by the city. Catching local criminals is a fruitless endeavor for the city. Yes, it looks good when the occasional drug bust flashes across the television screen, but it does not support the needs of local government. Drug busts are for publicity not finances.

The city gets its money from you. Officers sit out of plain sight and near deserted stop signs to make money off of you. They wait and watch you to see if your car stops, where it stops, and for how long it stops. If you fail to meet any of their subjective requirements, then you get a ticket. Police officers sit on the side of long straightaways with radar guns constantly checking to see how fast your car is moving. If your car is moving too fast, then you get a ticket. The tickets that are issued for speeding are generally within 5-10 mph of the speed limit. This means that the difference of speed that the average recipient of a ticket is going is not significantly faster than the average driver. Therefore, speed traps are designed to make money for the city, not to regulate traffic. Speed does not cause accidents. Carelessness does. It is far more advantageous financially for your local police to prey on your driving errors than to locate a legitimate reprobate target, gather the appropriate information of his criminal activity, gain a warrant, and then arrest him. Your local police force, instead of targeting criminals, is targeting you. Why risk injury apprehending a known criminal, when they can take a little money from each of the residents in a neighborhood for committing an infraction that cannot be proven unlawful.

This type of blatant disregard for the tax-paying public is absolutely repugnant. The behavior of the police force in regards to its citizens is perverse, and it has to stop. Law enforcement is regularly antagonizing the very people that they are supposed to protect. When “justice” ignores the real law breakers in society and punishes the innocent what recourse does the innocent have?