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Answers from Men: Interview with a former Pimp

21 Jun


Originally posted on June 5, 2011.

Men come in many different shapes and forms from various walks of life. This interview is the first installment of a new series  that is appropriately named, Answers from Men. The views of this interview are not necessarily shared by

AFM: How did you get your start?

Pimp X: I didn’t really start it myself. I was always good with women. I dressed well and could hold a decent conversation. I was just in the right place, at the right time, talking to the right people. Understand. The life came pretty easy to me. I could always talk to the women.

AFM: So, how did you get your first girl?

PX: She came to me. A lot these young cats think that they can pull every woman that’s in the streets. To have a chance at this game, you have to know that if a bitch talks to you, ‘That’s what you call women in the life. It establishes a hierarchy between you and them,’ then, you can pull her card. But, the pimp game is just like life, the bitch chooses you first. What you do after that depends on your word game. If a woman talked to me, she was coming with me.

AFM: Since you brought up the word “bitch”, what is a bottom bitch? For all those people that don’t know.

PX: Any pimp that’s worth two red cents has a bottom. She’s the one that turns out the new girls and takes care of them for you. She’s a pimp’s right hand when it comes to the girls, his favorite.

AFM: So, you love your bottom?

PX: I didn’t say love. I don’t know if a real pimp can really love anybody. If you want to be in the life, you have to have your emotions under control. If you are too sensitive, then your stable won’t respect you. If they don’t respect you, then they are going to find a pimp that they respect. I never got too close to any of my girls and rarely had to hit them. I never lived in the same house with them like most pimps did. A strong pimp needs to keep some of that mystery. I put them on the corner, told my bottom to keep them moving, and worked the block. After they put in their day, I got my money and took them back to their apartment.

AFM:  If you beat the women, why did they stay with you?

PX: Violence is part of the life too. If you pimp long enough, at some point, a bitch is going to test you to see if she can run your operation. You better make an example out of that bitch in front of the others, so that they know that bullshit is not tolerated. It’s like a square that’s been married to the same woman for a few years. Sooner or later, she is going to test him. If he folds, that woman is going to run the house from then on. It’s a part of real life. The woman stays with you because you make it clear to her that there ain’t nobody out there that’s better than you. You treat them right, but you keep them in pocket too.

AFM: You said you treat them right? So, did they keep any of the money that they made on the streets?

PX: Hell no! I didn’t get in the game to make nobody else rich. I gave my girls an allowance to keep them looking good, but that was it. They brought me my money at the end of the night, period.

AFM: Okay, so how does pimping apply to real life outside of marriage?

PX: Ah, man, pimping is in every part of life. Either you’re a pimp, a trick, or bitch. In life, you’re either a pimp that’s working the system and making money off of all the other people, you’re somebody’s bitch, working to make money for somebody else, or you’re a trick getting taken for all he’s got. You don’t have to decide what you want to be, because somebody is ready to make the decision for you and take you for a ride. Do you want to control somebody or be controlled. I was always the type of cat that would rather decide my own fate, so I got into the life.

AFM: Hey man, thanks for your time.

Why We Will Not Win the War on Drugs

20 Jun

war on drugs02

By William Bixby

war on drugs02

Since the eighties, our government has proposed an all-out “war on drugs.” The prevalence of cocaine and heroin related deaths and crimes sky-rocketed during the eighties and it has never fully receded to the ratios that were set prior to that decade. The American government vowed to stop the flow of illegal recreational drugs into this country, but have failed for a myriad of reasons. These are the reasons why the United States will not win the war against drugs.

1. People Want Drugs

The first reason that America can not win the war on drugs is also the most obvious reason. The American people want drugs. According to the National Drug Threat Assessment 2010 which was published by the United States Justice Department, the United States uses more illegal drugs than any other country. In fact, our country uses more than twice as many drugs as Spain, the next country on the list, and nearly as much illegal substances as the next three countries combined, Spain, Italy, and Canada, respectively. The United States spends 215 billion dollars annually on illicit drugs.

2. New Technology

Drug cartels have used speed boats for decades, and have used parasitic devices on cargo ships for even longer, but they are becoming more inventive and deceptive in how they move their drugs into the United States. Cartels utilize scientists to traffic their drugs in ways that law enforcement officials did not believe were possible until now.

A. Semi-submarines – 60 foot semi-submersible water vehicles are capable of carrying 6-8 tons of cocaine which is worth $160 million dollars in street value.  Over the last decade, 63 of these vehicles have been captured, but it is estimated that only 1 of 10 of the semi-subs are taken by law enforcement, so over a billion dollars in cocaine reaches the States annually through these vehicles.

B. Submarines – Drug cartels are now hiring engineers to build actual fully functional submarines. The first one was discovered in South America about 6 years ago. Made from from lightweight materials, diesel fueled, and coated in Kevlar, these subs are over 100 feet long and capable of holding 7-8 tons which translates into about $160 million at street value. These subs dive 65 feet underwater, and are almost completely undetectable by sonar. So, the amount of illegal drugs that reaches North America through this method can not even be calculated.

C. In 2000, a torpedo named the Neptune project hit the black market for sale to drug traffickers. The torpedo could be dragged by a fishing boat from shoreline to shoreline, so it was economical and relatively inexpensive. Each torpedo only carried about 3 tons of cargo, but that still equates to about $24 million of drug money and law enforcement officials have no way of detecting the submersible. The Neptune project has two special attributes that made it infinitely more desired and profitable than most other ways of drug trafficking. First, because it has no fuel based engine, it has no heat signature that makes it detectable by sonar or radar. And second, it has a unique feature that has made it preferable to other trafficking options. The torpedo is attached to fishing boats by up to 1,000 feet of line by a clasp. If the boat is approached by law enforcement, then the navigator of the boat releases the cargo into the ocean where it is undetectable. But, whereas before drug traffickers would have had to accept the loss of product, this torpedo has a buoy attached to it that resurfaces via radio signal and sends a signal so that runners can retrieve it once the trouble has past.

Ultralights – An ultralight is a lightweight single wing aircraft that can only hold a single person. The Mexican drug cartel has drug runners fly across the border, make drops, and return without touching down. The aircraft itself only weighs about 300 to 400 lbs. and it carries about the same weight in marijuana to cartel members in the U.S. Each drop equals about a quarter million dollars on the street, so the this new method of making deliveries figures to be used for a long period of time.

war on drugs

3. Drug Enforcement Profits

There is no simple solution to controlling drug trafficking, and law enforcement only poses a small obstacle for the criminals who sell illegal drugs. The criminals have unlimited, nontaxable financial resources, adequate if not equal firepower, and no restrictions of morality, no restrictions on the methodology used to get to an end, and no applicable repercussions for the people making the decisions (the soldiers at lower levels pay the price with jail time or their lives). The United States has spent over $12,206,399,000 this year alone on the war of drugs, and over a trillion dollars since the inception of the “war.” According to the Federal Bureau of Investigation 858,408 people were arrested on charges related to cannabis alone. 89% were charged with possession. There is no concerted effort to stop drug use, only a ploy to make money off its users. Federal administration has spent record numbers on interdiction – intercepting traffickers – and law enforcement spending 10 billion dollars solely in those two areas.

Life Is A Poker Game

17 Jun



You Have to Play the Hand That’s Dealt

Any poker player knows that he will go through some streaks where he seems to win every hand, and some stretches where he can not get a good hand. But, either way the biggest part of the game of poker and the game of life is playing the hand that you are dealt. Some guys are born with every opportunity in the world. Some men are born with nothing but a dream. You decide how far you can go in your life by making the most of what you have.


The Gambler

To quote the song immortalized by Kenny Rogers, You gotta know when to hold ‘em, know when to fold ‘em, know when to walk away, know when to run.” Rogers was singing about knowing when you are winning in a hand and knowing when you are losing a poker match. And, your position in the game should dictate what your next action is. Similarly, situations in real life call for different actions depending on what you perceive. You have to know when to leave a predicament and know when it is worth pursuing.


Play Your Opponents Not the Cards

Occasionally, a game of poker comes down to reading your opponents instead of their cards. Everyone gives cues into their hand in a poker game. Your ability to beat your opponents depends on how observant you are. In the workplace, politics sit behind almost every position that is above you. You have to work hard at your vocation, however your success in your career depends on how well you can navigate the office hierarchy.

 poker - losing02

Sometimes It Does Not Matter How Good You Are

Sometimes, you are better than the guy who is across from you, you know what he has in his hands, and your cards are better. Then, by chance, he draws the card that beats you. You have set him up to get him here, he fell for your trap, but he draws the one card that can beat you. In life, sometimes you do everything in your power to succeed and it does not matter. You planned ahead, you even had a couple of backup plans that all fell through, and you lost.


Never Show Your Hand

Showing your hand in poker is the ultimate sin. It strips you of your edge in poker matches against opponents because showing your foes your cards tells them exactly when you were bluffing and not bluffing. The bluff is a poker player’s most important weapon. It allows you to bully weaker players when they have better hands and less chips than you and it can even unsettle stronger players. You should never show your trump card unwarranted. There are people at the card table and in your daily life that will exploit you if they know the extent of your capabilities. A person who has to guess if you are more talented, backed by superior forces, or more grounded than they are is less likely to confront or persuade you. They will accede to your will.



Where To Go For A Bachelor Party

1 Jun

bachelor party

Bachelor parties stand as a time honored tradition for single men who have finally decided to take the plunge and get married. The bachelor party is both a celebration of one man’s last days of freedom and a gift to the men who will help him with his wedding. It is both for the groom and his groomsmen, and it should not be taken lightly. A successful bachelor party sends the groom into a lifetime of wedded bliss, and it bonds men through alcohol, strippers, and great stories that should never be told. A poorly executed one can disintegrate friendships with alcohol, bickering, and fighting.

Men are not friendly on the level that women are amongst themselves. It is for this reason that men have lifelong friends and women have former friends. Women communicate on a higher level than men, so they are also more apt to offend one another. But, men have a few select moments when their level of transparency matches that of women. One of those times is in bachelor parties. This is one of the rare times when men are gathered in an enclosed area and drinking heavily with people that they trust. In these moments, walls are let down and the truth of friendships can come out. However, this is not the time for heart-to-heart talks even though they often do happen here. This is the time for celebration. And, to achieve the appropriate amount fun without the fights there has to be a good plan for the bachelor party. There are only two ways to throw a great bachelor party, the conventional way and the pilgrimage.

The general formula for a great bachelor party is fairly simple. Get drunk, go to a club, and then go to a strip club. This plan for bachelor parties has worked flawlessly for decades, so there is no need to alter the strategy. The success or failure of the night usually hinges on the best man’s ability to find the place where topless women dance, because it is the most important component of the average bachelor party. The alcohol may run out, the club may be boring, but every man can always expect the same result out of a gentleman’s club, beautiful women in very little clothing. The strip club serves as a fail-safe for the night. Every member of the wedding party buys at least one dance for the groom, and one or two dances for themselves, and everyone leaves happy. The strip club simplifies the plans for the night. Alcohol in bars can cause altercations between the wedding party and singles at the bar or amongst themselves (especially if someone from either faction is too inebriated), but alcohol and strippers generally equate to a good time being had by all.

However, the occasional bachelor will ask his best man to deviate from “The Plan.” In these types of cases, the best plan is to ignore convention altogether and take a sabbatical. Attempting to go to a club and drink does not separate the groom’s last night as a bachelor from any other night of his life. The bachelor party is his last hurrah. It should be exceptional. So, rent a place to stay for the weekend and plan activities for the group around the bachelor’s favorite hobbies. Outdoors men may love a good camping trip. Though it may be difficult for some of the groomsmen, the groom would remember the sentiment. A guy who loves to laze around the house may enjoy a weekend with his best friends in a cabin. Any man who is getting married has probably spent considerably less time with his buddies, so any quality time that he spends with those friends that are closest to him is necessary and the gesture would be appreciated. The idea behind the alternative bachelor party is to customize all activities around the groom’s vices. That weekend will be one of the last times when he will be indulged, and it will be the last time that his life is solely about him. Take the time to make his bachelor party as fun as it can be. Other unconventional bachelor party ideas include but are not limited to: kayaking, going to Vegas, sky-diving, fishing trips, nature hikes, rock-climbing, and even spa treatments. The more eccentric, but well-picked and well-planned the activities are, the more likely that the groom will remember his bachelor party forever.

A bachelor party is the only gift that grown men are able to give one another without breaking a man code. Choose your activities for that night carefully and thoughtfully. It is the last night that you will spend with one of closest friends as a single man.