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February 2013

18 Mar

aunt jemima


Dear Answers From Men,

Is there anything quite like the rise and fall finally rise of Ben Affleck?  He goes from being a new star with buddy Matt Damon to regrettably marrying Jennifer Lopez, starring in Gigli with her, and headlining horrible comic book movies.  Now he’s happily married again (to a mentally stable woman) and winning best picture Oscars as a director.  What a story, huh?


Miles; Augusta, Georgia

Well Miles, I am not sure that you can call any part of the awesomeness that is Ben Affleck’s life a failure. Except maybe Gigli. From what I hear, that movie was terrible and it bombed at the box office. Plus, it was the first time that Affleck was not critically sound as an actor. So okay, Gigli was a mistake and a failure. But, I think that everything else in his life was an enormous triumph. Ben is just a regular Boston guy that got into acting with his buddy Matt Damon. He and Damon were just two smart guys that saw an opportunity to make some easy money in entertainment. Both he and Matt Damon got the right breaks. They went into critically acclaimed parts in critically acclaimed movies by Kevin Smith. His smaller roles in those independent movies put his name into popular culture and the public conscience. Those comic book characters were great for his career, and they were probably catapulted him into meeting and dating Jennifer Lopez. She was serious about acting though she was terrible at it. And, he was seriously attracted to her, so the relationship worked for a little while. Then, he found out that J-Lo is either crazy or completely self-centered (or both) and it fell apart. But, let me remind you that during this time Affleck was one of the most popular stars around and his marriage to J-Lo only brought him more fame. In fact, it may be the reason that he is married to the equally hot, Jennifer Garner right now. Without the higher profile that he gained from Jennifer Lopez, Ben may not have landed Garner who was at the top of her craft when they met. His move to award winning director was just a natural progression that the most intelligent actors take. If you understand all the smaller roles that make a great movie (and he does because he worked with Kevin Smith multiple times), then you have the capacity to make a great movie. So, Ben Affleck has not really fallen at all. He has had a great life.

Dear Answers From Men,

As a black woman, I need to know when will we be rid of black history month?  I’m tired of my job doing things like serving slave food (like neck bones, pig’s feet, and oxtail) once a week in the cafeteria.  I think broadcasting this month only highlights that we are not unified in America.  In my opinion progress will be made once black history is simply considered American history.  What do you think?


Samantha; District of Columbia

Samantha, I am not sure how we can bring about change in American culture or how we would measure the impact of the change once it was made. Highlighting Black history through soul food seems like a great idea in theory, but it also seems a little racially insensitive. And, I agree that the very existence of Black history month points to the fact that there are still inequalities between the majority and the minorities. American history books glance over slavery, any forms of captivity, and all the heinous acts that were committed by our forefathers in an attempt to sensationalize our history. The truth is that America, like most countries, was built by exploiting someone else. I am not sure how we could correct this, because telling the truth about our past is not good for patriotism. And, patriotism is a benefit to the country’s good health. Black history month may be necessary now to insure that the real history of this great country is remembered.

football - joe flacco05

Dear Answers From Men,

Joe Flacco had one of the best playoff runs in NFL history to secure his first championship.  Call me a skeptic, but I think he will be nothing but a Mark Rypien or Doug Williams.  Guys who got incredibly hot in the playoffs one year, but that was the last substantial thing they did in their careers.


Jonathan; Spokane, Washington

I am going to have to disagree with Johnathon. For quite some time now, I have believed that Joe Flacco was grossly overrated. When you looked at his conversion rate, his yardage, and his touchdowns, he paled in comparison with some of the current greats like Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. However, when you look at his record, his conversion rate, and touchdowns in the playoffs, no one is close to Flacco. Over his last two playoffs, Flacco had a touchdown/interception ratio of 11/2. That is unprecedented in the playoffs when games matter the most. In his first few years, Flacco was wildly inconsistent in the regular season and the playoffs. In his last three years, Flacco has become more steady during the regular season and has regularly outplayed his competitors (specifically Brady, Manning, and Kaepernick this year in route to his first Super Bowl) in the playoffs. Do I think that Joe Flacco is the best quarterback in the National Football League? No. But, I do think that Joe Flacco deserved the deal that he received. He has defeated and shone brighter than all his competition when the games counted most.

Dear Answers From Men,

Inquiring minds want to know … what’d you do for Valentine’s Day?


Terrance; San Antonio, Texas

Absolutely nothing. Valentine’s Day is a fake holiday and we at have officially called a yearly strike of all cards, candy, and dating on this day. Ask any woman that you meet, “Why do we celebrate Valentine’s Day?”, and I promise you that none of them will know the answer. Women have plenty of opportunities for free stuff like ladies night at clubs, birthdays, and anytime that they show cleavage where men are present. Men have to band together to stop this pseudo-holiday. It is for the greater good of us all.

December 2012

2 Jan

lance armstrong

Happy prosperous and bountiful New Year everyone! would like to thank all who supported us in 2012, and we expect to be bigger and better in 2013.   Dear Answers From Men, I finally found a New Year’s resolution that I can keep … to work less.  What do you think?

Marshall; Chattanooga, Tennessee

You are completely deluded if you really think that you are going to work less in the New Year. The American economy has rebounded somewhat, and there are finally jobs for the common man, however there is no evidence that we are out of the woods yet. And, other than Japanese who are literally killing themselves through working too hard (they actually have a term for it, ), Americans are the hardest working nation in the world. If you want to keep your home and all the sweet conveniences that you enjoy, then you may want to work a little harder in 2013.   Dear Answers From Men, The earth survived Harold Camping’s end of world prediction for May 21st and the Mayan’s world ending December 21st nonsense.  All of this means that 2013 has just got to be a banner year, right?

Vincent; Lafayette, Louisiana

I’m pretty sure that the fact that we survived a few dead men’s predictions about the end of the world definitely means that everything going forward is going to be great. I mean unemployment has not dipped below 9% so far, the middle class is shrinking, and the people who have the money to control the politics of this great nation are now comfortable enough to fight the ‘”socialist” not moral’ agenda of the President. People have ‘predicted’ the end of the world for centuries and no one has been right yet, so don’t put your faith in these things. If I were you, I would hunker down and concentrate on a new way to create personal wealth because we may be looking at a long stretch of tough financial crises.

  Dear Answers From Men, Who would you say had the best and worst year in sports?  For best I’d pick Lebron James, and for worst I’d say Lance Armstrong.

Larry; Corvallis, Oregon

Lebron had an outstanding year as a pro. He won NBA MVP, NBA Finals MVP, his first championship ring in his 3rd trip to the NBA Finals, an Olympic gold medal, and he is finally establishing himself as the most dominant basketball player in the world. But, Jordan did that just a decade ago. Miguel Cabrera has recently accomplished something that has not been done in the last 45 years. He won a triple crown in hitting which lead to the consequent MVP title. And, you’re right, the worst guy in sports in 2012 has to be Lance Armstrong. He has lost all his credibility as a cyclist. Armstrong would have been considered the best cyclist that ever lived, but he has been stripped of every title that he won because his failure of doping tests. And, the worst part is that he was dominant before he started doping. He only did it to keep up with the rest of the cycling world. Now, his image is tarnished and his wins are removed. Lance Armstrong has lost millions of dollars in endorsements, but more importantly, he has lost his name.

  Dear Answers From Men, Just FYI, I’m high right now.

Damien; Denver, Colorado

So am I Damien.  So am I.  I have to get high to discuss politics.

  Dear Answers From Men, With all the partisan gridlock in Washington is there even a remote chance that President Obama can do anything to improve America from its extremely poor showing in 2012?

Mindy; Cedar Rapids, Iowa

I hate to sound like I am pushing liberal propaganda (which is what all right wingers will say whenever you support the President), because I really try to be as objective as possible and truthfully, I, like most people am liberal on some subjects and conservative on others. However, I am not sure that Obama can do a lot to change the standoff between the two parties. When Obama asks for people to look at the bills on their merit rather than the source of the document, the Republicans fight him. When he concedes on a bill that Republicans produce, they still fight him. Unfortunately, we may be in for more of the same political idling that we experienced last year.

October 2012

2 Nov

obama romney

Dear Answers From Men,

Who is your favorite to win the NBA title this year?  Will the Lebron’s repeat?  Can the kids down in Oklahoma City lick their wounds and come back stronger?  My money is actually on the Lakers.  I just don’t see anyone beating Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard, Steve Nash, and Pau Gasol in a 7 game series.

William; Des Moines, Iowa

You are probably going to lose your money if you bet it on the Lakers this year. They are suddenly one of the most talented teams in the NBA, however they have a lot of potential problems on this roster, starting with egos. This team has one player with 2 MVP’s, a guy with one MVP, and a perennial MVP candidate. The MVP candidate originally passed on becoming a Laker because he did not want to play second fiddle to Kobe, the guy with one MVP. There has already been a public interview where Kobe claimed his spot as alpha dog on the team. Though he was gracious to Howard, saying that it would be the center’s team going forward in the next few years once he left, Kobe made it clear that he was option one. Well, Kobe is no longer the best scoring option on the team. Even without polished post moves, Dwight Howard is now the most unstoppable man on the court so he should demand the ball. However, Steve Nash is the best ball handler and decision maker. So, who gets the basketball in the closing minutes of a close game, the big man with no go-to moves, the aging facilitator, or the fading superstar? Once you add in a disgruntled Pau Gasol, who was shopped across the league in the offseason, the Lakers could implode just from bruised egos. Next, the overall athleticism of the team is mediocre considering that this team will face a young, powerful Grizzlies team, a big, battle-tested Spurs team, and a quick, explosive Thunder team in the Western Conference. Kobe and Nash are slowing down, and are probably outmatched physically at this point against most teams, though Kobe is still pretty quick on defense. Artest and Gasol are getting old quickly, and LA does not have much of a bench to rest the starters. And, the coaching may be the biggest obstacle for the Lakers to overcome. Mike Brown has had some great defensive teams, but this is LA where the fans expect Showtime fast breaks, and these guys are not defenders. Kobe has lost a step, Nash never was a decent defender, Artest is a few years removed from Defensive Player of the Year, and Dwight Howard (the 3-time DPOY) is not a pure shot blocker. Even if the Lakers figure out how to use their pieces on offense, they could still be porous on defense and lose games. And, I’m not sure that Mike Brown can put these athletes in the right places to be successful and/or get them to check their egos at the door. The Los Angeles Lakers are the team most likely to disappoint their fans. Oklahoma City would be my favorite if they had kept James Harden in place. They have the talent to replace him. Perry Jones could be a better player for the Thunder than Harden was for them. He is bigger, more athletic, with more explosiveness and similar skills, but it is too early to gauge if he will flourish in the NBA or hide behind Durant and Westbrook. LeBron and crew are the most likely winners of the next NBA title. They won it all last year without great size or shooters (In fact, LeBron should leave his Finals MVP trophy in the house of Shane Battier, his shooting pushed the Heat past the Thunder in the first 3 games of the Finals). Though they did not get much bigger, the additions of Rashard Lewis and Ray Allen actually address both of their deficiencies. The 6’11″, Lewis can score in the post or hit threes, and Ray Allen is one of the best 3-point shooters that ever played in the league. If Miami stays healthy, almost no team can test them.


Just way too much talent in Hollywood


Dear Answers From Men,

I’m a moderate who is leaning towards Mitt Romney this election after voting for Obama in 2004.  It’s not that I like Romney, but I don’t like the financial direction the US is going in.  Republicans are all about spending cuts without raising taxes.  Democrats want to increase taxes without making tough choices to cut the noose around America’s neck … Medicare.  I don’t think things will change financially until we do something about this, which I’m not sure Dems are ready to do.  What do you think?

Melissa; Miami, Florida

You have to vote in the manner that is consistent with your core values. There are serious problems with the governmental spending, but there are also no clear solutions. If any person tells you that they are going to stick 100% by their budget plan, then do not believe them. They are lying to you. The government is responsible for public care after natural disasters, suppressing terrorist attacks, and any number of other things that can not be planned for, so budgets are almost obsolete once you win the presidency. When picking a candidate, remember that the Republicans are selling morals, and the Democrats are selling dreams. Republicans generally support the upper classes with tax breaks and budget cuts, despite all the patriotic brotherhood that they yell. Democrats over-tax the upper class to support the lower classes. You have to decide which category you fit into, and choose your candidate appropriately.


Dear Answers From Men,

All of the pundits are expecting this to be one of the closest presidential elections in history.  All of the polls have the candidates tied or within the margin sampling error.  It’s conventional knowledge that polls usually have higher percentage of Democrats answering the questions.  This scares me because I think Mitt Romney is a twit.  Do you think there’s a chance Obama wins the popular vote but loses the electoral vote like Al Gore in 2000?

Robert; Boulder, Colorado

There is absolutely a chance that Obama wins the popularity vote, but loses the election. Even though he does not have a brother in Hawaii to recount votes and give him the election, Obama has alienated some of his constituents with his unfulfilled promises of change. Though he is persecuted as the “minority” President, the people with the lowest incomes, namely African-Americans, have the highest rate of unemployment. Though Obama has a slight edge in most of the polls, the difference in votes is negligible. For all of his eloquence and charisma, President Obama has been largely ineffective in his first term of presidency. Obama has brought down the overall unemployment rate and gas prices, but now that the rich have recuperated some of their losses, they can afford to return to their elitist practices and support a candidate who has their best intentions at heart. Obama very well could be ousted by Romney in the next few weeks.


Popularity doesn’t always win you a presidency…



Dear Answers From Men,

One of Romney’s chief advisors, John Sununu, has been lambasted in the media for saying that Republican Collin Powell is probably voting for Obama just because they both are black.  Frankly, I applaud his honesty.  We all know there are millions of other blacks who will vote for Obama because they share the same race. In addition, quite obviously there are millions of whites who will in turn NOT vote for Obama because he is black.  Big shocker, people feel comfortable around people who look like them.  When will Americans wake the hell up and stop trying to be so damn pretentious?

Ed; Manchester, New Hampshire

I am a big proponent of honesty, however there is a time and a place for transparency – that time is not in the middle of a campaign that you are charged with guiding – and decorum is always necessary when campaigning for any political position, especially a presidency. John Sununu should be fired, and not for making racially tinged comments, but more so for making comments that are detrimental to Romney’s election race. Now, the American pretension that you speak of may not apply to the election, but there is an air of ostentation by the majority anytime race is mentioned publicly. Race exists and sometimes relations are strained. I think that it is acceptable to think whatever you want to think about whatever subject that want to entertain, however there are repercussions to voicing your opinions about race and any other subject matter, and obviously, White Americans stand to benefit more from the level of comfort that people have when they are around other people that look like them because White men are most likely to be in positions of power.

September 2012

2 Oct


Dear Answers From Men,

Obviously no one expected the Arizona Cardinals to start 3-0, but who do you think is the biggest disappointment: the 0-3 Saints or the 1-2 Patriots and Packers?

Kyle; Anchorage, Alaska

Kyle, the New Orleans Saints were expected to suck this year. They do have Drew Brees, but they lost their head coach and half of their defense that was already fairly porous. A slow start had to e expected for New Orleans. This year was essentially a throw away year for the Saints. A playoff year would be like the Super Bowl in the swamp. The biggest disappointments are definitely the Green Bay Packers and the New England Patriots. Both teams are thought to have a serious chance at contention for a ring this year, and both teams have stumbled out of the gates. Their quarterbacks are breathtaking at times.  Aaron Rodgers makes throws routinely that no one other than Cam Newton can make. Tom Brady almost never makes mistakes on the field. However Rodgers and Brady’s respective teams drop passes and miss opportunities too regularly to win it all. And even when the offenses are clicking, the defenses allow 30+ points against average opponents so they have to engage in shootouts with teams to beat them. The Pats and the Pack have been completely underwhelming.

They’ll be better days Drew … probably, possibly, maybe


Dear Answers From Men,

The first Presidential debate is on October 3rd.  Our once great country is going to shit; does it really even matter who wins the election?  I hate to be so pessimistic, but I’m not sure anyone can clean up this mess.

Calvin; Farmington, New Mexico

Cal, it really may not matter who wins this election. Supply-side economics only works in theory, and Barack Obama has been ineffective in his first four years of office. Either way the public, particularly the middle class, is screwed. You should not even waste your time watching the debate. Let me sum it up for you. The Republicans are selling morals and the Democrats are selling dreams. Neither will save our country.


Dear Answers From Men,

Tiger Woods got benched from an event at the Ryder Cup for the first time in his career.  Is it pretty much over for the guy?  I honestly think he should embrace being a villain.  He could walk the links with a beer in his hand, hang out with a different hot supermodel or actress every few months, and take up smoking cigars.  It could be like how Hulk Hogan came back as NWO leader Hollywood Hogan with WCW and would wear dark sunglasses, a bandana, and dyed black hair.  The whole shtick was incredibly bizarre, but everyone loved it.  What do you think?

Bernard; Sioux Falls, South Dakota

I honestly do not think it matters what Tiger Woods does at this point. He is a villain. He can never be the guy that the public thought he was prior to the public “sex addiction.” Tiger Woods was marketed as a non-threatening All-American guy who married to the model daughter of a politician. He was seen as a great father and a husband. He appeared to be the guy that everyone admired. He turned out to be the derelict pervert who could not keep it in his pants. Tiger Woods should just embrace who he is. A loser.

They’ll be better days Eldrick … possibly, maybe, but probably not


Dear Answers From Men,

I’m a 30-something professional woman, and as you know it’s not easy to find a good guy once you get into this demographic.  I’ve started dating online for the first time this month and much to my surprise I’ve met a few good guys already.  Last week I started chatting online with a guy who’s actually a local celebrity in my city.  He seems nice, affable, and sincere, so far, and we have our first date planned for early next week.  Considering his status is there any tangible way for me to determine if he’s not just trying to get in my pants?  I obviously don’t plan to put out on the first date, but I don’t want to be raked over the coals a month into things either.  Thanks!

Melody; Wilmington, Delaware

Melody, every guy that you date is attempting to get into your pants. Accept it and your life will be easier. And, the only way to know if a man’s intentions are pure, is to make him wait for the sex. If he sticks around after his undetermined wait period, then he likes you as a person rather than just as a sex object.