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Man’s Rights in Abortion

4 Dec


The views expressed in the following passage do not necessarily reflect the beliefs of All opinions stated below are the views of the author and in no way represent the views, concerns, or policies of

By William Bixby

I am not Pro-Life and I am also not Pro-Choice. And, though my stance on the subject is not defined in terms clearly enough to choose a side on this debate, I do have a singular belief that rings true on the issue. The act of abortion as it now stands is completely unfair to prospective fathers.

This article was not written in an attempt to convince people to stop having abortions nor was it written to encourage people to have unplanned children. There is no stand on a moral high ground that was meant to shame the people who decide abortion is the best option for them or to praise those that decide to keep the unborn child despite difficult personal situations. This is just an attempt to explain exactly what is wrong with abortion from the male point of view.

Let me start by exempting the one big outlier in abortion, rape. If a woman was the victim of sexual assault, then she should have the complete and sole right to decide if she wants to abort her assailant’s child. No person should be forced into sex with another regardless of gender, and no woman should be forced to carry their abuser’s child. Furthermore, no criminal should have any extension of power over their victim, and the emotional and physical stress that is caused by being raped and the physical toll of carrying a child should never be forced upon any woman.

However, in consensual, intimate relationships, whether the intimacy is purely physical or both sexual and emotional, men are undeservedly devoid of power when it comes to abortion. Once a couple has become pregnant, only the woman has the right to decide whether a child is going to be born or be aborted. The idea of “choice” with regards to abortion sounds so simple and appropriate. A woman, who has to carry the child for nine months, should decide whether she can handle the burden of bearing and caring for the child in her womb. But, the pro-choice enthusiasts ultimately disregard the needs and desires of the father of the unborn child without ever listening to him. The choice to have or abort a baby rests in the hands of one person when the decision to make the child was made by two people. This practice is unfair and deplorable. Two people made a decision to sleep together. Two people failed to properly use contraception to prevent pregnancy. And most essential to my point, two people collectively created a new life.

If two people were necessary to create a baby, it seems that both partners should have some input into the future of that child. However, women hold all the power once a child has been conceived. Women decide whether a man who wants to be a dad will lose that chance at fatherhood, and conversely they decide if a man who is not ready to have a child will become a father. The power to kill a fetus holds an abundance of authority over a man’s life. Becoming a dad is one of the most challenging and rewarding endeavors in a man’s life, and many men relish the opportunity to shoulder that responsibility. But the possibility of being someone’s father can be crushed by a woman who is not ready to become a mother. Any and every man can be denied his parental right by the simple selfish act of a woman choosing to go through with an abortion without his consent. And, the decision to have a child can be equally as devastating to a man. An hour of fun (If we are being honest, 10-20 minutes of fun) can lead to 18 years of child support payments for a guy, because in most states women are awarded primary custody until proven to be unfit parents. 20-40% of a man’s earnings can be garnished to pay for a child that he could not afford, was too immature to raise, or simply did not want for personal reasons (and this disregards the detrimental emotional effect that an absent father has on the child). Responsible fathers have all the same financial culpability and the added emotional accountability to this child that that they not ready to father. From the moment that the first pregnancy test reads positive, all the power in a relationship shifts to the lady. With the inherent charge of deciding the fate of the fetus, she also is suddenly in control of the life of her sex partner. And, that is unjust.

I do not have a solution that would make the issue of abortion less polarizing to the general public. Nor do I know how to make the decision of whether or not to have an abortion more equitable between the sexes. I do not know that any endowment of authority over abortion that is given to men would not make the process of aborting a baby any easier for women or any fairer for men. But, the lack of a solution to the inequalities of abortion does not mean that they should continue to be ignored. And, a discourse about the subject is a step in the right direction. Maybe the law could require the signatures of both of the prospective parents of the unborn baby for an abortion to be allowed. Or more conceivably, the judicial system could forage into different custody laws, because women who have to pay child support rather than receive it may be more apt to weigh their stances on abortion more diligently. Whatever the course of action though, men need more rights when the future of their child and the quality of the rest of their lives are lying in the hands of someone else.

Do Women Really Want Equality

14 Nov

workplace baby

The views expressed in the following article do not necessarily reflect the opinions of They are the expressed opinions of the author only.

I am pretty sure that this article will not be popular with the few feminists that regularly read, but this issue has plagued many different men in the workforce and in normal life, so it has to be addressed. Women regularly say that they want equal rights, but do they really want equal responsibilities and all the corresponding expectations that come with full equality? Absolutely not. Women do not want full impartiality in the workplace, because there are inherent obligations that come along with that pay. Most women want to have their cake and eat it too.

This is not to denigrate women. The fairer sex are fully capable of doing the same job that a man can do in the office. They are just as intelligent, just as capable of making sound decisions, and usually more organized than men. However, men still earn more in the office for a few logical reasons.

The first reason is that men are generally more career-driven than women. Men are more likely to work longer hours while ignoring their family life to get ahead of their professional competition. That does not mean that guys are better at their jobs. In fact, it is somewhat of an indictment of the terrible priorities of men, but it is true. According to Forbes, men generally work 8.14 hours per day as opposed to 7.75 hours daily for women. And yes, there are plenty of women who forgo a family to concentrate on their careers, but the majority of women take different factors into account when choosing a career. Women are more likely to trade higher wages for more affable benefits, particularly those women who have or want to have children. And when children are involved, there are specific occasions where women are afforded more benefits than their male counterparts. The most glaring occurrence of this type of inequality in the workplace is the paid leave of absence when a child is born. Women are given three to six months paid vacation for childbirth. Granted, this leave of absence is necessary on both a physical and a societal level. Physically, women need to heal from the corporeal stress that labor puts on the body. And emotionally, women need to bond with their children so that we have well-adjusted adults taking care of us twenty years from now. Being a mother is a special type of hard work that no man could do, but men have no equivalent to this type of allowance in the workplace. And, though the sacrifice that women make for society is immeasurable, that sacrifice affects companies bottom line. Women are less valuable to corporations because women are so valuable to humankind. And yes, some compensation should be made for them, however that compensation probably will not come from big businesses.

The second logical reason that men earn more is because men and women choose different fields of work. The higher paying salaries are similar across race and gender, though men do occupy significantly more white collar positions. However, the lower paying jobs show more disparity between the sexes. Statistics by the U.S. Census show that men are more likely to work blue collar jobs, and women are more likely to work clerical jobs. Well, there are more opportunities for high-paying blue collar jobs than there are for clerical jobs. And there are more chances for advancement in blue collar jobs than there are in clerical jobs. Women work in various industries, but the ones where female presence dominates have fewer opportunities for advancement.

Women are unfairly discriminated against in many ways in the office, but discrimination in pay has been grossly overstated. There are other factors that contribute to the disparity in pay between the sexes. Choice of occupation by itself accounts for one-fourth of the wage gap. Though women do get an unfair share of wages, there is no argument for full equality in pay.

Real Reasons the Zombie Apocalypse Could Happen

24 Sep



1. Zombification Exists in Animals

Several different simple organisms in the animal kingdom take over the natural processes of animals to insure that their genes are passed on to another generation. Leucochloridium paradoxum, a flatworm that infects snails, forces them to grow pulsating antennae that make them look like caterpillars and ultimately attracts birds which eat them. This flatworm then matures in the gut of the bird and lays eggs into its rectum that are passed in the animal’s feces. Snails then eat the droppings and repeat the cycle. Ants are infected by Cordyceps unilateralis, a fungus that spreads its spores by causing ants to climb high on top of plants and have its head explode. Jewel wasps inject cockroaches with a venom that immobilizes them. The wasp then lays eggs inside of the roach and the larvae eat the live roach from the inside out. There are numerous other cases of real animals whose brains are changed and controlled by another animal who feeds on them. But, one of the most potentially dangerous zombifications is caused by toxoplasmosa gondii. This single-celled organism can only mature in the intestines of a cat, so it infects rats and makes them insanely unafraid of its biggest predator. Ultimately, the rat scurries towards the cat, is eaten, the parasite reproduces in the cats bowels, and is excreted in cat feces. The scariest part of this tale is that one of four humans is already infected with this organism. Fortunately, our immune system fights off illness attributed to this organism. But, what happens when it mutates or is made stronger by bio-engineering? Zombies. That’s what happens.

2. The National Bio and Agro- Defense Lab

Our government is building a research center to combat bio- and agricultural warfare, in Manhattan, Kansas. The Department of Homeland Security states: The food and agriculture industry is a significant contributor to U.S. economic prosperity; therefore, the loss of a significant food market would have dire economic and potentially human health consequences. Translation: One of the most likely ways that some crazy, tyrant dictator would attack us is through our food. The facility will specialize in creating effective and inexpensive solutions to both weapons that taint or food and through other possible biological attacks (man made disease, chemical warfare, etc). The research facility’s biggest strength is also its largest weakness, its location. The National Bio and Agro- Defense is located near a major hub of the veterinary pharmaceutical industry and placed in close proximity to research of several other missions in bio-security. The resources to study biological and agricultural threats is present in Manhattan, Kansas, however the location of the plant is also in the heartland of our country, almost perfectly centered in the US. If a terrorist infiltrated the facility and released a biological weapon or if there was an accidental leak of a particularly virulent disease, it would spread into an epidemic quickly.

3. Zombification Exists…In Humans

Cows have introduced us to the first step in our zombification, and interestingly enough, their zombification happened as a result of being fed their own remains by us. Cows who are fed bovine remains go insane and attack anything that comes near them. When humans eat the meat of these cows, they develop Creutzfeldt-Jakob disease. It is caused by proteins called prions. Prions cause normal proteins to fold abnormally and thus makes them unable to function properly. This disease causes confusion, hallucinations, and dementia.  It causes muscle stiffness, muscle twitching, seizures, lack of coordination, and speech impairment. Sound familiar?

4. Epidemics

Quite simply, we are due for another big epidemic. We had the bubonic plague, smallpox, leprosy, malaria, and AIDS. Most of these diseases are fairly contained or at least well medicated now. Leprosy and smallpox no longer exist. Analysts talk constantly about the overpopulation of Earth, and every time the Earth has began to reach its capacity, some new disease decimates the world population.

Independent Women

28 Aug

independent woman

By William Bixby. Enjoy.

we can do it02

Recently, there has been another movement across the nation towards more equality for women. Women are more empowered today than they have ever been, and with better education, better pay, and stronger vibrators, ladies are finding less practical uses for men. They truly are becoming independent. Women can live prosperously without the help of any man.

However, some of these women have this independence concept slightly misconstrued. Ladies, if you are living at home with your parents, then you are not an independent woman. If you are driving a car that you did not buy, then you are not self-sufficient. If you are living in a house with a mortgage that you can not pay, behind on your car payments, behind on your taxes, and not paying any of your bills for whatever reason, believe me, you are not an independent woman. Independent women are competent and rely on themselves. They pay their bills on time with money that they have earned through hard work, not by having over-indulgent parents or a stable of male suitors ready to give them anything that they want. Independence is gained through mature decisions and stable income, not through getting pregnant by the right guy or being born into the right family.

The real problem with independent women is that they rarely are independent. And, even when women are financially competent, they often think erroneously that men are useless if they do not earn more. Just because a woman is fiscally responsible for herself, that does not mean she does not need anyone emotionally. There is a large misconception that the new woman does not want or need a man for anything. Both men and women need intimacy to be fulfilled. Case studies show that infant primates died within days without contact from other primates. Humans are not solitary creatures; they need contact from others too. This means independent women need contact. They require close emotional connections and interactions with men, just as men do. So, even if these women are financially responsible, they are still dependent on men for emotional support.

And, the biggest problem with independent women is their effect on the family structure. All the celebrity moms and Oprah will make women believe that having children is an easy task, however raising kids requires two parents. If a father is absent and will not assume responsibility for his children, then being a single parent is the only option. But, if a woman chooses to be single parent in the wake of a failed relationship, instead of sharing responsibility, then she is hurting her child. Women nurture children which is necessary to their development and well-being. But, men play important roles in the development of children too. Girls need fathers to learn how to love and what to look for in a mature, loving relationship. The men in a woman’s life give her positive or negative role models that set the standard for all the men that she will date in her adulthood. Fathers show their sons how to be men. Men carry a separate set of codes and ethics that differ from what women believe, and it is their burden to pass these ethics to the next generation of men. A woman, no matter how intelligent and well-meaning, can not teach a man how to be a man. Their independence undermines the value of fathers and children need their fathers. And the images that rich, Hollywood single mothers give of healthy well-rounded children give real working mothers a false sense or reality about raising kids. They pay nannies to parent their children while they are away on vacation. Real mothers look to their partners for support.

single mother02

This is the real independent woman.

As the father of a young daughter, I have the responsibility of teaching her to be self-sufficient and self-reliant, but not self-centered and solitary. Teaching young women to be responsible is necessary and even admirable, but teaching them that men are useless is foolish and irresponsible. Women and men need each other to love, live, and provide the best healthy environment for children. There is no such thing as independence, women.