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I’m at Home Playing Video Games, WHY ARE YOU COMPLAINING?!

26 Nov


This article was originally posted on January 25, 2011. Due to a great response from our readers, we brought it back for your reading pleasure. Enjoy.

By the Nice Guy A.K.A. Mr. Fantastic

wife hates video games

Since the advent of the Atari home console system in the late 1970′s (ATARI! Baby, YEAAAH!), the endless debate has weighed on:

“Why is he ALWAYS playing those DAMN video games?!”

“I’m at home playing video games, why won’t she STOP complaining?!”

In a selfless effort to save a few of your marriages and relationships, I’ll play mediator in an attempt to help both sides understand the view points and importance of the other on this matter. But I ask everyone to remember one thing … when TRUTH is present, CHANGE must take place.

Women, first as always, and as it should be, why do men play video games? Women, the answer to this is actually quite simple, please listen closely. Entertainment. Nothing more, nothing less. Men play video games because they are entertaining. The same reason we watch sports, hunt, hang with our buddies, drink; it’s just entertainment. The same reason we marry or date you all … you used to be entertaining. JOKING, JOKING, calm down! Don’t go cutting off all your hair. I’m just having fun, BUT remember, “Entertainment!” Men like to be entertained…

Now men, this is for you … and for the women as well, because we ALL know (especially the married men out there) that she’s not gonna let you have anything for yourself. She even needs to be a part of the advice you get from other men. And there my friend is your answer. Women are threatened by the idea that you could find any happiness outside of them. This is our biggest transgression against the women we love. While we find it utterly stupid, and make no mistake, IT IS! Women despise any and everything that you may remotely value over them. Dumb? YES! VERY! Because there’s nothing we value more than them. Women, we…are…men. You’re always on our minds. Guys, stop letting them guilt trip you into thinking you’re doing something wrong, YOU’RE NOT. There’s absolutely nothing wrong with spending time playing with a small little mechanical device that gives you such pleasure and joy, is there ladies?

Which brings me to my next point. Women, why ALL the complaining? Wives, its 1 A.M., do you know where your husband is? Sure you do! He’s in the living room, den, basement, kids’ room, or annoying as it may be, he’s at the edge of your bed playing that DAMN video game. BUT he’s home. Girlfriends, and I MEAN girlfriends, you’re NOT wives yet. If you have any hope of bearing his last name, and we’ve seen the doodles, we know your endgame, ease up. Its Saturday night 3 A.M., do you know where your man is? Suuuure, the same DAMN place he’s been all night … ignoring your text and rushing you off the phone when you call, when you have nothing to talk about, you just hate he’s enjoying himself and you’re not! But he’s at home or his boy’s house, playing that DAMN video game. He could be sleeping with your incredibly hot friend that’s sliding him hints or out chasing women like he used to. Remember those days? Remember how long it took for you to break him? Didn’t you two meet you in a bar or club? He could easily be out meeting someone else that doesn’t doodle. Mothers, sisters, grandmothers, do you know where your little adolescents or young adults are? Of course you do! The whole house does, because no one can sleep with him jacked up on red bull and swearing profusely every time he dies. But hey, he’s not out drinking, doing drugs, getting a young lady pregnant or experimenting with boys. He’s playing that DAMN video game!

Against my better judgment, I’m going to actually help you women with some tactics in breaking us men away from our video games:

1. Hide the game. Men are typically very disorganized and we’ll assume we misplaced it, EVEN if we SWORE we left it in the console and on pause from the night before.

2. Hide the game. Blame it on the dog or the baby, NOT your children or any other siblings. They are subject to our wrath and WILL be held accountable! I have scars till this day.

3. Change the IP address or disconnect the Internet. Most games are played on-line these days, and if he can’t connect to the Internet, he won’t get the same thrill or have the desire to play.

4. Get him out of the house. Come up with a reason for you all to go out. He’ll hate it at first, but some good food and a little liquor and that sexy dress of yours, which shows off your … he won’t remember any video game (and put away your little mechanical device).

One IMPORTANT piece of advice to remember is NEVER damage the video console or game. He’ll only go out and buy another whether you approve or not.

So women STOP complaining. Sure he’s not perfect, but he is a good man. You KNOW where he is at all times. Plus he’s learned to live with your constant nagging, insecurities, extensive shoe collection, flower paintings and potpourri, he’s even learned to not leave his dirty underwear in the middle of the living room floor. And as much as we love them, realize we CAN’T play our video games forever. And when we’re bored and all done with them, we’ll just replace them trade them in, or toss them aside. But we can NEVER toss, replace or trade you in, nor would we want to. And men, when the games start disappearing and the baby’s receiving the blame, or you just can’t figure out why you can’t connect to the internet, just go into the other room, hug her, kiss her, lay there with her, tell her you love her, stay right by her side till she falls asleep…then get up, set your alarm, go grab the extra copy of the game she knows nothing about and play quietly all night long, just make sure you’re in bed before she wakes up… Women, when you wake up in the middle of the night and he’s not there, just smile, you KNOW where he’s at, plus that copy you know “nothing” about is actually his missing game. You’ve returned the backup and used the cash on those new shoes he keeps inquiring about the price of, never mind they’re only your sixth pair of yellow heels. “Why do you have SO many pairs of heels in the same color?! What’s the difference?”

The Management of Pubes: A Woman Revealed

20 Nov


A long, long, long time ago, people were hairy. Both men and women needed that hair for warmth and protection against environmental conditions. Pubic hair, in particular, was crucial because it sheltered the very organs responsible for procreating the world’s population, as well as trapping the natural scent of one’s genitals which revealed clues about a potential partner’s fertility and overall health. Despite the invention of undergarments providing plenty of pubic protection from Mother Nature, humans continue to grow masses of hair on their privates. Our standards of beauty have evolved in such a way that makes this phenomenon rather distasteful to both men and women. Just in the last 50 years, pubic hair styles have gone from full fros to no-longer-grows. As in, a woman who continues to wax will eventually no longer grow pubes at all, due to the damaged hair follicles. Although there are some serious man-scapers out there, women do the most pubic maintenance. And how a woman maintains her lady garden says more about her than you think.


A woman who is waxed is three things: aesthetically-charged, financially-stable, and sexually active. If she can endure the pain of the hair being ripped from the most sensitive part of her body every 3 to 4 weeks, she holds bodily beauty at the top of her priority list. That does not mean she is shallow, it just means she is committed. She is also likely to be committed to manicures and yoga, but also to her work and relationships with the people in her life. She is consistent, which makes her reliable. The waxed woman either makes her own money and enough of it or she is being taken care of. It may just be her parents, but someone is footing the bill for the semi-monthly $60 bikini wax or the ultra-painful $75-a-pop Brazilian wax. A woman who consistently waxes is also consistently having sex. However, waxers have to be somewhat calculated about their sexual encounters because they have to grow their pubes to at least one-fourth of an inch before the next wax. They also want to keep it up because the more you wax, the less the hair grows back and if a woman likes it bare down there, she cannot delay her next appointment. It is also recommended to abstain from sex after a wax, until the next day. Managing this kind of regimen really reveals a woman’s true desires. She is invested in being sexy, but more importantly, feeling sexy. Unless she has chronic in-grown hairs and/or razor rash from hell, women who are not getting laid have very few reasons to keep her hedges in such excruciatingly pristine condition.


A woman who prefers a razor over the rrrrip of a wax strip, is leading a different lifestyle in terms of self-grooming, finances, and sex. Much like her waxed counterpart, the shaven lady wants to be and feel sexy. She still wants the bare-naked crotch, but not the stubble management, crotch-puckering pain, or the wax lady who gets all up in her lady bits. Her beauty routine is not low-maintenance per se, it’s just probably less sophisticated. She does her own nails, trims her own bangs and removes her own pubes because that is what she has always done and it suits her just fine. Shaving can definitely be a chore but does not require the same commitment that waxing does. Commitment is certainly not an issue of hers though. She doesn’t require regular scheduled maintenance when she isn’t getting any regular driving time. Remember, waxing is a lifestyle. Shaving is a choice for flexibility and if a woman has the luxury of choices when it comes to her bush, then she is probably a one-man woman. Unless she’s getting into a bathing suit, she can let her garden grow and when a proper suitor comes to court her, she can jump in the shower with her Bic; no appointment, no salon, no money, and no wax-lady-in-her-business, necessary. Granted, waxed girls can go grab a razor too, but they won’t because they have an appointment for a Brazilian in the morning. The preference for shaving may also have a financial component as well. That is not to say that she is on a budget, but she does not value aesthetic beauty in the same way. Her mindset about money, in terms of grooming, is if she can do it herself, she isn’t going to pay someone else to do it. She spends her money monthly on a DVR and premium movie channels or perhaps theatre tickets, scrap-booking materials, or even her designer coffee habit. There’s always a possibility she’s just broke, but you don’t have to see her pubes to figure that out.

Whether it be waxing or shaving, there is a moment in the hair removal process when a woman asks herself, “Am I going to leave any hair there?” And the answer, whichever it is, is very revealing, indeed.

Hair Still There:

The most traditional pubic hairstyles are the classic Triangle and the Landing Strip. Triangle girls are probably more classic themselves in terms of style and personality. If she sports a triangle, she’s timeless and timeless is very elegant. A woman who goes a bit narrower with a Landing Strip, is riding a more youthful line. She is not necessarily young in age, but she probably has a little edge to her. Most importantly, if after a wax or shave, a woman still has hair down there, she is making a statement and it’s all about femininity and sensuality. She didn’t get that hair until she was twelve and she didn’t stop thinking it was weird until she was sixteen. Now she feels weird without it. She knows that because she tried having no hair and it was creepily reminiscent of pre-pubescence. A woman who chooses to keeps her nether-region semi-covered, after all the careful removal around it, wants to be discovered, not exposed. She’s the type that often leaves something to the imagination and may even be a bit modest. She’s not necessarily hiding anything, but that doesn’t mean she doesn’t want you to look.


Whether by waxing or shaving, ladies that take it all off are also making a statement and it is very much about femininity, and unequivocally about sex. When a woman keeps nothing to even cast a shadow over her genitals, she is expressing her desire to be desired. She is self-assured and wants others to know she has nothing to hide. She is probably quite daring in her sex-life, but she also really aims to please. If her partner is satisfied, then she is too. She values youth in all aspects. The look of no hair down there can be taboo for some, but for her it looks young and hot! To her, young equals hot, and hot is not hairy. As she ages she will explore new ways to look and feel young because ultimately she’s got to be hot.

Au Natural:

A woman who does no pubic maintenance at all may be one of two things: very conservative or very liberal. Although these two are polar opposites, they’re both a little old-fashioned. One makes her bed every day and the other makes her own cruelty-free, organic soap, but they’re both leaving their lady garden alone because why fix what isn’t broken.  As far as the traditionalist goes, do not judge her Victorian values. She was raised that way. She probably cringes at the words, “pubic hair”, let alone considers styling them. She has preconceived notions about girls that groom their girl parts and frankly, they’re kind of whorish. As for the more eccentric of the two, she is the epitome of nonconformist. At her first suspicion that a more hairless honeypot had become the norm, she started letting nature take its course. And if you don’t like it, then you can kick rocks.

Just so you know…

There are two popular practices going on in the pelvic-primping world that should be briefly mentioned and that is laser hair removal and vagazzling. The average laser hair removal session costs between $300 and $500. The average number of sessions required to stop growing pubic hair is between 5 and 8. A woman who makes that kind of commitment to a bare-naked crotch is an intensified version of the waxed woman. She spends that kind of money to look good, because she can. She also buys crocodile handbags and donates to the World Wildlife Foundation, to look good. As far as the vagazzling goes, be advised to turn around, and walk in the other direction. This woman has crowned her coochie. Not because she thinks that highly of herself, don’t be deluded. She did that because she is lacking some serious self-awareness. She wants attention and will go to great lengths to get it. She sucks the air out of the room and not because she’s breathtaking.

Even though folks greatly despise it, pubic hair is going strong, making itself known on our bodies despite our consistent use of protective underpants. From an evolutionary standpoint, we must consider that homo-sapiens continue to grow pubes for some purpose that we have not yet discovered. In the meantime, the way that it is managed can give us useful clues into the psyches of our fellows. Maybe for that reason alone is why Mother Nature still makes it so.

Do Not Divorce Her!

19 Sep


This article was originally posted on May 20, 2011. Because of the great response that we have had about this article at we have decided to post it again for our readers. You are welcome.

Your wife has not been the same person since the two of you married six years ago. Before you were married, she cooked breakfast and dinner for you, cleaned the house so diligently that you could eat a meal on the toilet seat, washed and ironed your clothes, and had hours of spontaneous, vigorous sex with you. Before you got married, your life was a dream. You proposed to her because you could not imagine finding anyone that could satisfy you the way that she did mentally, emotionally, and physically. Now, after six years of marriage, you both buy and eat breakfast and dinner separately, you dry-clean all your clothes, your house looks like what is under the toilet seat, and occasionally she will will let you dry hump her for 5 minutes if you both do not fall asleep first. She nags you about miniscule things that you forget to do. She nags you when fail to meet her lofty standards of excellence. She even nags you when do things right. The situation looks dire. You are suddenly living your worst nightmare. You feel like you are wasting away the good years of your life with a woman that does not appreciate or understand you. You are drowning in this marriage. You just had a baby and neither of you are sleeping the entire night. You thought that having a child would bring you closer together; instead it just exacerbates the problems that you already had and this marriage is quickly becoming more than you can handle. Your wife barely resembles the fun-loving girl that you married long ago, and you have finally decided that a split might be the best thing for you, her, and the baby. But, you should not be hasty in planning your escape. Divorce is not nearly as simple as it seems. In theory, you would just file some notarized papers saying that you and your wife have irreconcilable differences, a judge would then authorize the split, and you and your wife would become your ex. Divorces rarely end that simply and there are many options to consider.

Money poses one of the biggest problems while still in a marriage and with ending one. To file for a divorce, you first have to retain a lawyer which will you cost you at least $1,000-$2,000. Then, you have to wait for the court to receive the papers, which will take a few weeks to process, and wait for your wife to be served the divorce papers, which could take a few more weeks. Next, you have to wait for your wife to retain a lawyer so that you can work out the details of the split. If everyone resolves their end of the divorce quickly and amicably, then, in total, the divorce can be settled in a few months. However, divorces almost never end quickly and positively. In general, a divorce propagates a fight over custody, property, and businesses which all equates to a fight over money. There is alimony, child support, and losing half of your acquired gross worth facing you after a divorce. The law favors women in all of these cases. If you moved your wife out of a trailer park into your mansion without signing a pre-nuptial agreement, then you are responsible for raising and maintaining her standard of living. Since, she has grown accustomed to living in posh surroundings, you have to keep her there with alimony. On top of that, if you have children together, then there are provisions made for that in child support, though it often ends up being a separate allowance for your ex-wife. Finally, you will lose the house that your family has lived in for the duration of your marriage. Financially, divorce has too steep a price to pay if your wife shows no mental instability and did not have an affair.

Emotionally, you are probably still attached to your wife despite the constant bickering that leads to divorce. In fact, people that argue with each other constantly, care deeply about one another or they would not take the time to engage their partner. Contrary to popular belief, the opposite of love is not hate; it is indifference. Only a large collection of fun experiences and good memories can convince two people to commit their lives to one another, thus the emotion that presently is pushing you apart can be re-directed into positive behaviors. The woman that you married is still buried within the woman that lives with you; you just have not seen the best parts of each other in a while. Focus on dating again and finding time to be intimate, both emotionally and sexually. Fully recovering from a break-up, on average, takes about half of the time spent in the relationship. That means splitting from a woman after 6 years would take 3 years to get over. That time could be better utilized tweaking and fixing the relationship. There is also a toll on the children. The parent that leaves the house, ultimately becomes the villain. Since woman are awarded custody in most cases, that means the man is often seen as the parent that abandoned his family.

Finding another woman that shares your desires and fits your lifestyle becomes increasingly difficult as you get older. In a marriage, your goals, likes and dislikes, and everyday living shift to accommodate your spouse and children. You are regularly exposed to different things by your wife and kids, so naturally you expand and contract your list of wants accordingly. With a divorce, those wants change again. You have to re-define who you are without the person with whom you were going to spend your life. Those trips that you secretly enjoyed taking her to go antiquing are no longer a priority. Your old buddies may become more prevalent in your life again, and the next woman that you date will have to adjust to that. In addition to that, you will have to accept that any woman that you date will not be the equivalent of your ex. She may fulfill you completely, but your new relationship may function in stark contrast to the way that your old marriage did. A divorce means a lot of uncomfortable adjustments.

Divorce is not as viable an option as people may consider it to be today. It costs an inordinate amount of money, people are not prepared for the full taxing of emotions that it brings, and the succeeding relationship will not provide the same type of fulfillment that the original did. If you decide to marry a woman, then you and your partner should also decide to work through your problems like adults. Divorce is the worst option and should almost never be considered.

Reasons NOT to Date A Stripper

26 Aug

strip club06

Guys, you should not date sex workers. This simple idea seems like it should go without saying unless you work as a bouncer at a strip club, you just started your promising career as a male exotic dancer, you are a famous rock star or rapper, or you are a professional athlete. But, average guys make this mistake fairly regularly. They go to an adult establishment, spend exorbitant amounts of money on these women, and pay the emotional price later. Strippers are not regular women even though they have all the same parts. They will not respond to the average situation with typical responses, because they think completely differently from the average woman. Dating an exotic dancer will put you on a roller coaster ride that ends in your own personal chaos. There are plenty of reasons why you should not date a stripper, but has compiled a list of the most important reasons why strippers should be left alone at all costs.

strip club03

1. Everybody Has Seen Her

Let’s start with the obvious. When you date a stripper everybody has seen your girlfriend naked or can see your girlfriend naked whenever they want to see her. There is something to be said about exclusivity. A Toyota Camry is a really nice vehicle, but it is not considered a sexy car choice because literally anyone can own one. But, everyone gets excited when they see a Rolls-Royce Phantom. People will make reservations months in advance to eat mediocre, uninspired food prepared by a Michelin three-star chef because of the title bestowed on the chef and because the restaurant restricts how many people can get into the establishment. The Phantom and the Michelin rating represent privilege. With a stripper, everyone has as much access to her as you. If some idiot from your office wants to watch your girlfriend’s boobs swinging to some random Mötley Crüe song, then all he has to do is visit the Blue Flame on Tuesday night. She will be there shaking the girls for a few dollars. Inevitably, some guy is going to touch your girlfriend inappropriately. He might grab a body part or stick his face or fingers somewhere they should not be. If she smiles as she pushes him away or (even worse) allows him to touch her, how would that make you feel? It is her job to sell sexual fantasies to men. She is not doing anything wrong, but you would want to fight the guy and blame her for disrespecting you. Nobody wins. If anybody can have your girlfriend at anytime, why would you want her?


2. Skewed Understanding of Money

For a large majority of strippers, money and sex are completely intertwined. Most dancers do not actually sell sex directly (as in intercourse), but all of them sell their sexuality for a finite price. And, though some people would argue that all men are spending money for sex in some capacity (whether it be by paying for a date or soliciting a prostitute), in the gentleman’s club, there is a predetermined price for 2-5 minutes of sexual intimacy. This type of transactional behavior leads to an unnatural ideology about men and money for an exotic dancer. Their patrons become losers and fools in their minds. These guys think that there is some connection between the stripper and themselves because of the closeness and the touching, but all that sexual friction is just a means to an end for the women. And, that attitude can carry over into real relationships. Women who strip lose respect and trust for men. Think about what it must take for a woman to agree to take off her clothes in a room full of strangers to get paid. Regardless of what some feminists will tell you, that type of decision comes from a place of desperation or dysfunction.


3. Daddy Issues

Speaking of dysfunction, daddy issues are usually behind a woman making the decision to strip. The lack of a strong male figure in formative years leads to problems in romantic relationships, a lack of respect for authority figures, and ultimately to questionable choices as an adult. If a woman has never seen a healthy relationship between a man and a woman, then she has no positive models or points of reference for her personal relationships. Societal expectations and/or natural inclination may be the cause, but women usually are the nurturers and educators of their children. They teach kids how to learn and how to love. And, that love is unconditional. Men generally teach their children social skills and how to deal with their emotions. They teach kids how to act within the societal norms and the consequences of their actions. Without male figures to balance female teachings, you get unstable children who grow up to be irrational adults. And, no one is more irrational than a person who expects money whenever they take off their clothes.


4. Sexual Abuse

Let’s be honest. A significant number of sex workers come from homes where there was sexual abuse. Early exposure to mature sexual situations affects some of these women’s abilities to make sound sexual choices. Stripping, by itself, is a controversial and problematic sexual decision that abuse may have influenced because sex work does not appeal to the average person. People who have been sexually assaulted often have to guess what normal behavior is. They are not trusting. And, a woman who does not trust anyone will make your life a living hell. Victims of sexual abuse have been compared to war veterans diagnosed with post traumatic stress disorder. They have higher numbers of depression and suicide attempts than other women. They are much more likely to be hyper-sexual and more likely to partake in high risk behavior. That abuse starts these women on a path that is difficult to reconcile. And, dating a stripper forces you into direct contact with her emotional baggage.

strippers - celebrities

5. Competition

You will always have competition for the affections of a beautiful woman, but with strippers you are at a unique disadvantage. You are, in essence, competing with pro athletes, drug dealers, rock stars, and rappers for a stripper’s affections. And though the average woman may not be swayed by rich men flashing literal piles of money at them, the average exotic dancer can be captivated by both celebrity and wealth. Those men live a lifestyle that you can not provide for her, and have the type of money that can change a woman’s life immediately. And, to reiterate, a stripper is motivated by money. The probability of your stripper girlfriend being a little more tactile with a genuine celebrity is high. And, that is if your girlfriend is loyal. If she is not loyal, then she may sleep with that celebrity for a shot at a little more cash. Prostitution represents a significant part of exotic dancing. And to be clear, all women who dance do not necessarily sleep with their customers for money, however in every club there are women who price their services out in the V.I.P. room.


6. Unconventional Hours

Dating an exotic dancer requires the type of trust that few people have. And, the hours of operation for strip clubs do not help with building trust. As mentioned before, strippers work a job where they are nude or scantily clothed all night long while men paw at them for the entirety of their shift. When the customers are not aggressively grabbing them, then the stripper is actively trying to convince them to part with their hard-earned dollars by flaunting her sexuality at them (which is a nice way of saying she rubs her boobs and butt on their lap until they concede). You, her boyfriend, know that she “dances” from late at night until the early morning grinding on men’s erections. Your stripper girlfriend will come home with a pocket full of money and be too exhausted to interact with you because of her long night at work. Unless you work the same unconventional hours that she works, when she comes home, you will be at your job or headed to your job. And then, when you get back home, she will be headed out again to rub her body against stranger’s boners. The lack of personal time and the inevitable perceived lack of interest from her can lead to trust issues in your relationship. Your sex life may dwindle if you have an honest girlfriend because her life is sex. There is an emotional toll for selling sex even if intercourse is not involved.  If she is not honest, then your stripper lover may be sleeping with her coworkers while you are working. Stripping lends itself to sexual exploration. Her career involves her being naked, touching other naked women, and titillating horny men. Sooner or later, trust and integrity will be violated.


7. Drug Problems

Sex work has a long history with illicit drugs and mental illness. And, dancers are no exception to that rule. Drugs and alcohol are a big part of stripping because the work is so stressful, and only a few types of people can cope with dancing. Everyone talks about the dancer who is paying her way through school, but she does not exist. There are basically three types of women who strip, women who have children but have no way of supporting them independently without dancing, women who were abused physically or emotionally and have no other way of supporting themselves, or women with drug addictions. Anybody from those backgrounds would need to self-medicate to work at a job that consists of being naked, being groped, and creating a false intimacy with everyone they meet.


The Breakdown

Strippers come from many different walks of life with unique personal stories, so every stripper does not fit neatly into the picture that was drawn in this article. There are some dancers who are completely drug-free. A pediatrician who worked her way through medical school at the Spearmint Rhino probably exists somewhere in the world. And, not all strippers are single moms who were sexually abused. However, most exotic dancers fit a lot of the criteria laid out here. In general, they are not stable people and money motivates them more than anything. So, if you are looking for a little adult fun, find the nearest cabaret and chat up a stripper. If you are lucky, then she might sleep with you, and crazy women have crazy sex. But, if you are looking for a life partner steer clear of the strip club. Sharon who works in accounting and has a business degree is not going to blow you in a Chik-Fil-A parking lot because she worries about her reputation and her job. She is going to make sound personal and financial decisions, and have good old-fashioned Puritan sex. Sharon is a good life partner. “Candy”, on the other hand, is going to get drunk and bang you behind the dumpster at a Jiffy Lube. She does not have any responsibilities and everyone has already seen her naked in the Gentleman’s Club, so she does not care. She represents drama. Candy is going to bring home $1000 on Friday and ask you for money on Sunday because she is irresponsible with her finances. Candy is going to get pissed at you, hit you with her stripper heels, and key obscenities into the side of your car. Candy is going to sleep with her stripper friend regularly, and say that the infidelity is alright because the other party is female and girls do not count. Or maybe she will screw some random NBA player when he promises her the world. Candy is a stripper, and no sane man would seriously date a stripper. If he is rich, then he is a meal ticket. If he is poor, then he is a masochist. Either way he loses.