Being A Talent Versus Being A Star

basketball - jr smith

There are so many talented players that have entered the National Basketball Association over the 60 plus years of its existence, but relatively few have become genuine superstars. Players from the past like Jerry Stackhouse, Rod Strickland, and Orlando Woolridge…

Why Baseball is Dying

Bruins vs Arizona Sun Devils

This article was originally submitted on November 6, 2010. With baseball season looming and spring training started, it seemed like the perfect time for one of the fan favorite articles about baseball by Rodimus Dunn In my short lifetime baseball,…

Baseball Is Not a Sport

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Due to its overwhelming popularity, we at have decided to resubmit this article for our readers. America’s favorite pastime is not a sport. Of the three major sporting events in the United States, baseball requires the least training, the least athleticism,…