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We rant, you listen


The Week That Was 9/16-9/22

What If Tim Tebow Was Black?

The Week That Was: 9/9-9/15

You May Be Old if …

Celebrities Who Kept Their Virginity

Fans Are Killing Sports

Trayvon Martin: Ask a Black Guy

Sources, Sources, and More Sources are Killing ESPN

Smile Songs

White Priviledge: Ask A Black Guy

Do Women Really Want Equality

Justice Roberts Saved the Supreme Court

I’ve Never Had Any Complaints

Random Rants 9- The End of the World

Random Rants 8

The Most Delusional People in the World

Trayvon Was the Victim, Geraldo

Bobby Petrino is Scum

Random Rants 7

Thanks, Jon Hamm!

St. Paddy’s Day: A Real Man’s Holiday

Random Rants 6

The New England Patriots New Legacy

Politics in Sports

Random Rants 5

Stream of Consciousness on the Complexities of Love

Comments on the Greg McElroy Comments

Not Imported from Detroit … wins

Why I Hate Autumn

Wes Welker is the G.O.A.T.

Blame ESPN, not Hank Williams, Jr.

We All Hate Boston Sports

Random Rants 4

Things that Need to Go Away ASAP

The Most Important Man in Sports

Summer 2011 Is Awesome Already

Random Rants 3

Random Rants 2

$50,000 a Month?

Athletes Should Think Before They Speak

Random Rants

Carolina Tar Heels Will Cut Down the Nets

Political Vitriol is Still Out of Control

Carmelo Anthony is Still a Loser

Valentine’s Day is a Fairy Tale

Leave Our Day Alone

Big Ben is a Moron

Carmelo Anthony is a Loser

Paintball is Dumb

What to do with Yao Ming?

No more New Year’s Resolutions!

Common Courtesy…Apparently Not So Common

Poor Parenting

Is Mickey Mouse Dying?

Women, Please Learn How to Dress

NFL Fans Lose…No More Hard Hitting

Still the Real Deal…Really?

Hubris of the Athlete

Man Versus Man’s Best Friend

Bishop Long’s Long Fall

Independent Women

Poor Republicans

Locker Room Chicanery with Ines Sainz

If a Qur’an Burns in the Trailerpark…

The NCAA Sucks

Race Revisited

Hollywood Pretension